Back to the 1940s at The Dig For Victory Show

Back to the 1940s at The Dig For Victory Show

The British Blanket Company stall at Dig for Victory

The British Blanket Company stall at Dig for Victory Show

I am a firm believer that pretty much everything is more fun in fancy dress, and it turns out that hosting a pop-up market stall is no exception. Last weekend Joe and I had the pleasure of bringing The British Blanket Company to The Dig For Victory Show, a 1940s themed festival in North Somerset.

The British Blanket Company costumes at The Dig For Victory Show

We had great fun planning our outfits for the occasion... Joe even sacrificed his trademark beard and restyled it into a rather spiffing mustache to fit the wartime theme.

Tug of war at Dig for Victory Show

Dig for Victory sign

The Dig For Victory Show celebrates all things 1940s, from spectacular re-enactments with military vehicles to ration cookery demonstrations, a vintage fashion show and lively swing bands playing all day and night. 

Uniforms at Dig For Victory Show

Dig for Victory show dog

One of the highlights was an amazing Spitfire and Hurricane flypast on each day which had the whole crowd looking up in awe. You could tell that the many children visiting were in their element with all the vehicles, guns and explosions.

1940s costume Dig for Victory Show

We couldn't believe the effort that some visitors and re-enactors went to with their outfits... the attention to detail was truly amazing and you could tell that some people made it their life's mission to perfect every authentic period detail in their uniforms.

Uniforms at Dig for Victory show 2016

The only thing that was thankfully not authentic was the food: instead of Spam Fritters there were lots of tasty food stalls serving everything from wood-fired pizzas to tea and crumpets. 

Vehicle Dig For Victory Show

Don't forget to follow The British Blanket Company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out when and where we'll be with our stall. We're popping up next at the brilliant Frome Independent Market in Somerset on Sunday 3rd July 2016 so come and say hello.... although we can't promise we'll be quite this well dressed!