3 wool blankets that are perfect for stargazing

3 wool blankets that are perfect for stargazing

Gazing up at the stars is guaranteed to evoke a sense with wonder. When life feels a bit chaotic, looking at the night sky can help put things in perspective. If you haven't considered stargazing before, keep reading to see why you should, along with our guide to everything you'll need for a perfect night of stargazing. 

What you can expect 


There are many incredible sights to behold when you go stargazing! From a dark sky location the human eye can see approximately 2,500 stars without any visual aid, so you don't need a fancy telescope, but it's important to have an understanding of where to look. A cloudless night and a rural location are best as light pollution will limit the stars you can see. We recommend Go Stargazing UK or the Star Walk App, which explain the different constellations and stars you can see in the sky above. 

What to pack


A night of stargazing is the perfect excuse to grab that cosy jumper and meet your closest friends for a night of quality time and conversation. Here's what we recommend you pack for a fantastic night:

    • Binoculars or a telescope
    • Torch
    • Red light torch
    • Camping chairs and blankets
    • Comfy warm clothes and socks
    • Snacks
    • Thermos of tea, coffee or hot chocolate
    • Insect repellent spray 

One of the most important things you need for a perfect night is one of our cosy wool blankets. Here are 3 we've picked that will be a great companion for your stargazing evening.

Black Coffee Picnic Blanket 

Sit comfortably on this pure wool blanket in black and beige herringbone as you wait for the stars to fill the sky. You'll be protected from the damp ground by the durable waterproof canvas backing. It's finished with genuine leather carry straps making it easy to carry to any stargazing destination.


Charcoal Grey Diamond Throw 

This cosy blanket will quickly become a firm favourite with its eye-catching diamond weave with a classic colour palette. This wool throw is designed to drape beautifully around your shoulders, helping you keep warm as the shooting stars pass!

Cedar Green and Mustard Herringbone Armchair Throw

Lightweight and easy to carry our small throws make staying warm while you stargaze an easy task. What we love most about this one is the colour combination, which reminds us of a dark night in the forest with hints of yellow and green. 


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