Ahoy there! Nautical throws in classic navy, white and red

Ahoy there! Nautical throws in classic navy, white and red

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Our pure wool throws are the perfect finishing touch to a seaside-inspired room, or as a cosy rug for a day on the beach. The summer collection includes classic nautical designs in red and navy as well soft coastal colours inspired by the seashore and bright deckchair stripes, all made in Britain.

Have a closer look at our nautical throws and take inspiration from these design tips for styling coastal interiors. 


Three Handy Design Rules for Coastal Decor


1. Embrace the light

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A successful coastal interior creates the impression that there are no boundaries between outside and inside. Bright, airy, open spaces are key to creating that fresh seaside feel. You don’t need a huge open plan space to do this. An easy way to create an airy space, no matter how small, is to use white with neutral accent colours like beige or pale shades of greys, blues and greens. Another quick win is to replace heavy curtains with soft sheers that float with the breeze. To control light, or for privacy opt for plantation shutters or venetian blinds.

2. Use Natural Materials

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To create a relaxed, beachy vibe, coastal interiors tend to include natural materials like jute, weathered wood, seagrass and rattan. Avoid metallics and flashy surfaces. Instead enjoy playing with natural textures and don’t worry about creating a highly polished finish. 

3. Go Easy On the Seaside Touches

The key to a stylish nautical or coastal interior is to avoid too many cliches. Avoid outright beachy prints like anchors, or seagulls. There’s no need to place shells and fish on every surface. Instead, use a light touch when it comes to beachy accessories.

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Using Nautical Accessories to create stylish Coastal Decor

The coastal interior design theme can be a tricky one to pull off. Overdo it and you risk making your living space look like a themed pub. Focus on using muted colours. Bright red and blue are very ‘beachy’, but if you want to create a chic, relaxing living space, think about incorporating the natural beach shades and textures you find at the coast. The pale beige of driftwood, the transparent green of sea glass, the rough, natural character of unfinished wood and rattan.


These muted, natural shades can act as a canvas onto which you can add nautical accessories that nod towards a seaside theme. This is where the red and blue tones work beautifully with a neutral background. Just a red throw, like our berry red cobweave throw, draped over an armchair can totally transform the look and feel of a room.



Nautical Bedroom Ideas: Navy throws on white linen

You don’t need a room full of seaside paraphernalia to create a stylish, relaxing nautical bedroom. Nothing says seaside more than a white and blue colour scheme. Keep it simple with crisp white walls, fresh linen bedding and a minimalist style, free of clutter. Arrange a navy throw casually across the end of the bed to create that coastal feel. Our Navy blue herringbone throw would work beautifully to create a nautical theme in this simple white and neutral bedroom.

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Nautical Throws

Soft furnishings in a nautical interior design scheme don't need to be all about the reds and blues or the deckchair stripes. We find that often the freshest, beachiest interiors use soft coastal tones. The basswood supersoft merino herringbone throw is a great example. Its natural beige shade reflects the neutral coastal shades of a sandy beach, whilst maintaining an elegant, grown-up atmosphere to a room.

beige throw in coastal decor


Our nautical throws and blankets work effortlessly within a coastal interior design scheme to add a discrete, relaxed beach vibe.

 For more nautical and coastal decor design ideas and inspiration follow our 'Nautical but Nice' Pinterest board. Or browse our nautical throws and other coastal inspired throws to add the perfect finishing touch to your nautical home decor. 

Berry Red Cobweave Throw | Navy Blue and Silver Grey Stripe Throw 

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