Biophilic design: 3 ways to get the look

Biophilic design: 3 ways to get the look

Biophilic design: 3 ways to get the look

Plants aren’t just a hobby; they’re fast becoming a lifestyle. Which is why biophilic design is trending for 2022. It's no surprise that more people are turning to plants to help not just brighten their homes but feel more connected to nature. Keep reading to learn more about the biophilic design trend and find out how you can make it work in a real home.

What is biophilic design and is it for me?  


 Image from Dear Designers blog

Biophilic design is all about connecting to nature within our built environment. Biophilic design principles embrace the rules of biophilic architecture, with rooms benefitting from good natural daylight, natural colour schemes and, of course, large quantities of house plants. Simply put, you want to be able to see or be surrounded by house plants no matter which room you are in! 

How to embrace this nature-inspired trend

This is a trend that is here to stay with searches for staircase gardens, biophilic interiors and even floral ceilings trending up weekly. It is the next step for any plant lover! Here are just a few ways people have taken biophilic design and used it in their homes.

 A moat full of water is so medieval, why not make it full of plants instead? Image from @cala_saona by @biombo_architects via @kiearch

You can fill a whole wall with cacti or monstera without overwhelming your space with a vertical plant wall as seen above from Home Stratosphere. 

Mix and match modern furniture with plants, creating a statement throughout as seen above from Space Refinery.

3 easy ways to get the look 

Love the idea behind this trend but feel overwhelmed by the above options? Here are three looks that capture the essence of the biophilic trend that you can easily achieve at home.

Luxe meets supersoft 

Get the look with lush green British Blanket Company throws and oversized monstera plant

THE LOOK: Biophilic-meets-luxe, with statement textiles, jewel-like colours and oversized plants. This is a look for any lover of little luxuries in a bold way. 

THE BLANKETS: This look demands luxury so opt for sophisticated merino lambswool blankets that feel amazing and drape beautifully. Choose from deep Forest Green, classic Olive or vibrant Teal. Layer several supersoft blankets together for ultimate luxury.

THE PLANTS: Bigger is better so fill your room with giant monstera, towering fiddle leaf fig and elegant areca palms.

Boho meets chic

How to get the trendy Biophilic trend on a budget

Get the look with our Sage Green Windmill throw and trailing plants like devil's ivy


THE LOOK: Boho-meets-chic for those whose floor space is a premium. This is an easy way to embrace this trend without having to change your floor plan too much. Mid-century modern furniture and accessories complete the look.

THE BLANKETS: Grab a few of our small throws which are the perfect size to drape across an armchair and tie the room together. Our Sage Green Windmill weave (above) is made up of green, grey and cream coloured yarns that appear beautifully blended from a distance, but can be individually appreciated when seen close up. 


THE PLANTS: This style is all about trailing and hanging plants that are easy to care for. Our favourites are devil's ivy, satin pothos, and string of nickels.

A calm oasis 

Get the look with our Mushroom Brown blanket and dried pampas grass.

THE LOOK: Soft neutrals, natural materials and layered textures that sit oh-so-well together. This style is defined by understated elegance and cosiness, without a hint of clutter. Soft dried flowers complete the look.

THE BLANKETS: Our Mushroom Brown blanket (part of our Signature Collection) is the perfect companion. Or, add our Soft Grey Windmill armchair throw which is smaller in size but just as thick and cosy.


THE PLANTS: Dried flowers add sculptural shape and softness. Try dried pampas grass, dried wild allium and preserved eucalyptus leaves.




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Moodboard images courtesy of: Tammy Gibson, Casacora and Hillary & Flo.