Modern lounge corner with teal blanket draped over a pink armchair

Comfortcore: discover the cosiest interiors trend for 2023

Comfortcore: discover the cosiest interiors trend for 2023

Curious about what’s happening in home style for the year ahead? The next big interiors trend tipped for the top is Comfortcore and it sounds like a perfect fit for blanket lovers. It’s a laidback aesthetic, all about prioritising cosiness and making your home the most relaxing space it can be. This sounds very appealing during a dark and chilly January, but where did the trend spring from and what makes it so important for 2023? Join us for a deep dive into what’s behind the Comfortcore hygge hype and why you might want to embrace tactile style in your home this year.

Read on to discover:

  • What is the Comfortcore trend?

  • How to get the Comfortcore look

  • The cosiest blankets for your Comfortcore home

Cosy bed flatlay with socks pyjamas and blankets


What is the Comfortcore trend?

A top furniture store has just released a consumer survey with YouGov, declaring ‘Comfortcore’ the key emerging trend for interiors in 2023. Findings concluded that people are favouring comfort above all else when it comes to home style, with over 60% of participants prioritising their living spaces as places to relax and feel safe. With the pandemic and rising living costs, home has become a more important place than ever. It makes sense that people are leaning into comfort and ease. Comfortcore encompasses all the ways you can make your home a sanctuary.

This décor trend is substance over style, with more of a focus on lifestyle ideas than specific visuals. It follows on from the slower, nostalgic moods of the cottagecore and coastal grandmother trends, and zeros in on a need to nest and cocoon. 56% of those surveyed identified ‘good interior design’ as ‘something comfortable’. Whereas last year homes were filled with joyous colour to boost moods, this year it’s about reaching for the softest textures and most comforting details.

Bedrooms, closely followed by living rooms, came out on top as home spaces that are considered true retreats. That’s where the Comfortcore cosiness will come into its own, and soft blankets can really shine. In the survey, seating was deemed most worthy of investment, while quality and affordability were the key considerations for any new home purchases.

 Green wool blanket draped on a double bed

Layer soft blankets together to transform a bedroom into a cosycore sanctuary.



How to get the Comfortcore look

The Wayfair survey identified five distinct ways the Comfortcore trend could manifest itself in homes: cosy textures, quality seating, mindful living, nostalgia, and hosting. In your home, that could look like creating a snug nook for quiet reading or journaling time, switching up the soft furnishings so they’re even softer, re-jigging the furniture for more dinners around the table, or finally getting those family photos or pieces of kids’ artwork framed so you’re surrounded by meaningful details.

The beautiful simplicity of the trend is that it’s a concept around creating ease, making the home a calm and safe oasis to relax in. Think tactile soft furnishings, layering textures, soft shapes and even softer edges and surfaces. Fabrics like velvet, boucle and faux fur are king here, and of course a soft wool blanket can add cosy texture to almost any space. Not sure what size blanket your home needs? Check out our guide here.

Comfortcore style is centred on how a home can feel rather than how it looks, so it’s easy to make it your own. Consider a full cosycore overhaul, or simply embracing tactile textures and all things soft to get that calm and safe feeling in your abode.

Teal blanket draped over a pink pastel armchair

A blanket-covered armchair makes a relaxing nook for reading. 



The best blankets for your Comfortcore home

Home accessories are a quick and easy way to embrace the Comfortcore aesthetic, and what’s cosier than a beautiful wool blanket? However you choose to approach the Comfortcore trend, a British Blanket Company throw can go a long way. These essentials add the warmth, natural texture, softness and ease that is so key to the trend. Here are six Comfortcore blanket ideas to try in your home:

  • Drape a woven throw over an armchair to complete a quiet reading corner – lots of British Blanket Company throws are available in the perfect armchair size!
  • Lean into the cocoon concept with layers of cosy blankets piled up with cushions on your sofa or bed – the more texture the better.
  • Choose blankets in gentler neutral shades like greys and pastels to bring a sense of calm to your space.
  • Add folded blankets over the backs of chairs when hosting a special meal to create a warm, inviting environment for meaningful connections.
  • Merino blankets are the softest of all. Cover your bed with an XL Premium Merino Lambswool Throw for a tactile layer that will keep you cosy.
  • Embrace the Comfortcore lifestyle with a Wearable Blanket that can go everywhere with you around your home.

 Smiling model in an orange jumper sat on a cream sofa with a yellow blanket across her lap

Neutral colours help create a calming environment. 



Explore our wool blanket collection here to find your perfect Comfortcore match – practical, great quality home accessories that feel every bit as cosy as they look.