5 Cosy date night ideas for Valentine's Day

5 Cosy date night ideas for Valentine's Day

5 Cosy date night ideas for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, let's get creative with some snug winter date night ideas where your blanket is the star of the show. Perfect for those who cherish warmth and cosiness, these ideas celebrate the simple pleasure of spending  quality time together.

With our luxurious, British-made wool blankets or picnic rugs at your side, a little imagination is all that's needed to transform a chilly evening into cosy, memorable experience.

cosy date night ideas for blankets
Whether you're hanging out with your bestie on Galentine's Day or planning a romantic night in on February 14th, make your blanket the centrepiece of a thoughtful and original evening together

1. Indoor Picnic by the Fire


Recreate the charm of an outdoor picnic in the comfort of your home. Lay out a picnic rug by the fireplace, surrounded by candles for a soft, romantic glow. A basket filled with your favourite finger foods, a bottle of wine, and some background music can set the scene for a relaxed, intimate evening.

2. Conservatory Star Gazing

If you have a conservatory (or even just a loft window) this is the perfect spot for a cosy star-gazing date. Spread out a snuggly wool blanket, bring in some comfortable cushions, and lie back to watch the stars. Grab some binoculars for a closer look at the night sky, and enjoy the beauty of the universe from the comfort of your warm, enclosed space.

3. Balcony or Patio Retreat

For those with a covered balcony or patio, why not create a snug retreat outside? With a fire pit for warmth, a soft merino scarf around your neck your British Blanket Company recycled wool blanket for extra cosiness, you can enjoy the fresh air without the chill. Sip on hot chocolate, toast some marshmallows, and cherish the flickering firelight together.

how to build a blanket fort
Indulge your playful side and spend an evening building a blanket fort together!


4. Build a Blanket Fort


Bring out your inner child with an indoor blanket fort. Use chairs, cushions, and your British Blanket Company wool blanket to construct your cosy hideaway. Fill it with fairy lights, snacks, and perhaps a board game or two. This playful date is a whimsical way to spend quality time together - here's our guide on how to build a blanket fort.


5. Cosy Movie Marathon


Nothing says cosy like a movie marathon under a soft, warm blanket. Choose a selection of your favourite films, dim the lights, and snuggle together under an extra large wool blanket. Keep a tray of snacks and warm drinks handy for a comfortable, uninterrupted viewing experience.


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luxury valentines cosy gift the british blanket company

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These winter date ideas are designed to bring warmth and romance to your winter evenings. As Valentine’s Day approaches, a gift from The British Blanket Company isn’t just a present, it’s an invitation to create warm, cosy, and cherished moments with your loved one.