Decorating with duck egg blue blankets

Decorating with duck egg blue blankets

Decorating with Duck Egg Blue Blankets

In the world of interior design, duck egg blue stands as a timeless favourite - a colour that effortlessly marries sophistication with tranquillity. This delicate hue, with its subtle blend of blue and green undertones, holds the power to transform your living space or bedroom into a haven of comfort. In this guide, we'll navigate the art of decorating with duck egg blue and suggest quick and easy ways to bring this colour into your space.

duck egg blue living room decor ideas
Serene and sophisticated, duck egg blue is a timeless colour scheme for a living room or bedroom


Quick duck egg blue decorating ideas

For those seeking a colour refresh without a complete overhaul, it's easy to add duck egg blue with a few thoughtfully-chosen accents. Consider the following home accessories to bring a hint of elegance.

  • Decorative accessories: Incorporate duck egg blue through decorative cushions, vases, or artwork, for a soothing touch.

  • Floor rugs: A duck egg blue rug grounds your design while introducing a touch of sophistication and depth.

  • Wool throws: A duck egg blue wool throw strategically placed the bed or sofa offers both colour and comfort. Follow our guide to the best wool blankets for your bedroom.

stack of blue and green wool throw blankets from The British Blanket Company
It's quick and easy to add a subtle touch of duck egg blue to your home with a wool blanket


Which colours go with duck egg blue?

Enhancing the allure of duck egg blue is as simple as selecting the colour pairings. Here's a selection of colours that beautifully harmonise with duck egg blue:

  • Soft Neutrals: Warm beige and creamy ivory provide a classic and timeless backdrop that complements duck egg blue's elegance.

  • Coral and Blush: A touch of coral or blush introduces a subtle pop of femininity, adding a delicate contrast to the serene blue.

  • Deeper Blues: Incorporate deeper shades of navy or ink blue to create depth and interest in your space, allowing duck egg blue to shine as the focal point.

  • Soft Greys: Gentle grey tones provide a neutral bridge that elegantly connects duck egg blue with the surrounding elements, lending sophistication to the overall design.

  • Sage Green: Drawing inspiration from cool natural environments, duck egg blue layers beautifully with light green shades.


Bedroom styled with duck egg blue and sage green wool throw blankets from The British Blanket Company
Make your bed cosy and gorgeous with layered wool throws in shades of duck egg blue and sage green

Is the colour duck egg blue or green?

Duck egg is often described as a pale shade of blue, with a hint of green. The name comes from the colour of duck eggs, which can have a bluish-green tint. So, while it's primarily considered a shade of blue, it does have a touch of green in it, giving it a soft and subtle look.

The appearance of duck egg can vary quite a bit depending on the colours around it, and the quality of the light in the room, with the same shade looking more blue in some instances and more green in others.

The variety and adaptability of the colour means a single room can incorporate a range of duck egg blue shades - light, dark and greenish - bringing layers of beauty and interest to the overall scheme.


Where to buy duck egg blue herringbone blankets online

If you're shopping for a wool duck egg blue herringbone blanket, you'll want one that soft, comfortable and high quality. This is where wool throws and blankets are the best choice for natural warmth and style. Imagine the gentle looks of a duck egg blue wool throw gracefully draped across a sofa or the foot of your bed... an invitation to unwind in comfort. The British Blanket Company is the best place to buy wool blankets online, with over 150 colours and designs to choose from.

As a specialist in wool herringbone blankets, The British Blanket Company has two choose from. Our classic herringbone blanket weave is a traditional, Scandinavian style that radiates timeless elegance. Or, if you prefer a more contemporary herringbone blanket, opt for our Signature Herringbone wool blankets which are a modern twist on the ever-popular design. Duck egg blue is available in both herringbone styles and a choice of small, large and king-size blankets for your sofa, bed or anywhere in your home that needs a warm and cosy touch!

Duck egg blue, with its delicate charm, has the power to transform any space into a haven of tranquillity. By thoughtfully pairing it with complementary colours, you unlock its full potential to create a harmonious and captivating design. Remember that comfort and style can coexist harmoniously, especially when you embrace the tactile comfort of wool throws and blankets. So, embark on your design journey with confidence, allowing the elegance of duck egg blue to guide your creativity toward a space that is both inviting and inspiring.

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