How to throw the perfect picnic gathering

How to throw the perfect picnic gathering

Picnic season has arrived and we couldn't be more excited about the go-to activity of this summer. Delicious food and delightful company are all that's needed but, to make your outdoor gathering extra special, we've compiled some creative ideas to help you throw the perfect picnic.


Pick the perfect picnic spot, near or far

You don't have to travel miles to find a magical picnic spot... the ideal location might be just on your doorstep. Your picnic can be hosted in the garden, living room, a local park or anywhere with space to lay down your picnic rug. This summer especially, picnics are a chance to reunite with friends and family, all while enjoying the fresh air outdoors. If you're in the South West like us, check out our previous blog post for some secret picnic spots off the beaten track.

Sit comfortably on this pure wool blanket in dusky pink herringbone from the British Blanket Company

Sit comfortably on our pure wool picnic blanket in Dusky Pink Herringbone, £100

Host a themed picnic for added fun 

Wondering how to make your picnic a little more unique? Create a theme and fully embrace it, from the way you decorate to the food you provide. We've been having fun planning a picnic with a rainbow theme. Start with our Rainbow Stripe picnic rug as your canvas, then style your spread with colourful paper napkins and an array of colourful foods, from vibrant fresh fruit to multicoloured macarons.

rainbow stripe picnic rug blanket The British Blanket Company

Waterproof Rainbow Stripe Picnic Blanket, £100

A beach picnic is set up on a sunny day with blankets and cushions

Image credit: Interiors Original  

How to be cosy and comfortable

Nobody wants pins-and-needles or sandy sandwiches, so think ahead to make sure you and your guests are comfortable. Our wool picnic blankets are not only lightweight but waterproof too! No matter where you end up having your picnic, you can rest assured that your British Blanket Company picnic blanket is practical and looks great too. Pack a parasol and sunscreen to protect your guests on hot days, the essential hand sanitiser, as well as insect repellent if your gathering will stretch into the evening.


Alfresco dining made simple 

Picnic food can certainly be luxurious, but alfresco dining is often most fun when it's simple and spontaneous. Take it back to the basics with freshly-baked bread, some delicious British cheeses and a bottle of wine or two. And don't forget the dessert! Fresh strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies is always a crowd pleaser, and it travels well. A wooden cutting board is a casually stylish way to lay out your goodies.

A picnic spread of delicious cheese and fruit on a blanket

Image Credit: Kate Hliznitsova


Keep the party going as the sun sets

The picnic doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! Our small wool throws are perfect over your knees or around your shoulders to keep cosy as the sun sets. If your location permits, you could even light a campfire to keep your guests toasty and create a wonderful atmosphere long into the night.

Sunset at the beach with the Egg Blue Picnic Blanket from The British Blanket Company

Pictured above is our Duck Egg Blue waterproof picnic blanket, £100

Embrace the simple joy of a picnic 

No matter where you venture, our blankets are the perfect centrepiece for creating special memories with the ones you love. Tag us in your picnic gatherings on Instagram and share your perfect picnic with us!