Oversized blanket scarf

How to wear a blanket scarf: 5 styles to try

How to wear a blanket scarf: 5 styles to try

It’s that time of year again when we’re all reaching for extra layers and trying our best to stay warm outdoors. An oversized blanket scarf is a must-have cold weather accessory as they’re warm, versatile and perfect for bringing colour to winter outfits. In this blog, we’ll share our favourite styles and show you how to wear a blanket scarf.

Oversized blanket scarf

So, what is a blanket scarf?

It’s a blanket you can wear! Our blanket scarves are made in Ireland from merino lambswool, the same material as our softest blankets. Merino lambswool is soft against the skin, lightweight and lovely and warm for winter. The oversized scarves measure 74cm x 220cm, which is large enough to wrap around your body as a shawl or pashmina, as well as recreating the styles we’ll show you in this blog!


Scarf Style #1: The Classic Loop


classic loop

You're in a rush and it’s freezing cold outside, so you just have time to grab your coat and scarf as you dash out of the door. This first scarf style is so simple you can achieve it on the move, keeping your neck warm and giving your outfit a pop of colour. So, all you're going to do is:

How to wear a blanket scarf

1) Fold your blanket scarf into thirds lengthways

2) Put it around your neck with the ends at the front

3) Make one side longer than the other

4) Wrap the longer end around your neck once

Scarf Style #2: The Weave

women's scarf weave look

This might look elaborate, but this pretty scarf style is easier than it appears. It’s a nice way to wear a scarf if you're looking for something with a snugger fit, and it looks great tucked into a coat. All you need to do for this look is: 


How to wear a blanket scarf in a weave


1) Fold the blanket scarf into thirds lengthways and put it around your neck

2) Make sure both sides are even lengths

3) Loosen the neck piece and make a loop around your hand

4) Put one side of the scarf into the loop


Scarf Style #3: The Tuck

Women's oversized blanket scarf style

If you’re the type of person who gets annoyed when your scarf is loose and all over the place, then you’ll really like this one. This style looks nice and tidy around your neck, adding polish to smart outfits. For this style just follow these steps:

how to wear and oversized blanket scarf


1) Fold the blanket scarf into thirds lengthways

2) Fold the scarf in half

3) Put the scarf around your neck

4) Tuck both ends through the loop


Scarf Style #4: The Belted Wrap

Belted wrap scarf style

This next style looks especially good with a bold design, like our new Hyacinth Merino Wool Oversized Blanket Scarf. You’ll need a belt to complete this look. It’s a great way to wear an oversized scarf and show off all its colour and pattern:

how to wear a blanket scarf with a belt step by step

1) Fold your blanket scarf in half lengthways

2) Place it around your shoulders with the ends coming down your front

3) Tie a belt around your waist, over the ends of the scarf

4) Loosen the shoulders for a comfortable fit



Scarf Style #5: The Robe

How to wear a scarf like a robe

At first, you might feel silly doing this one, because it feels like you're putting on a towel after a shower! But trust me, the final look is worth it. This look is super stylish and will keep your body very warm – perfect if you’ve forgotten a jumper. All you need to do for this style is:

How to wear a blanket scarf like a robe

1) Completely unfold your blanket scarf

2) Wrap it around your body from behind (like a towel)

3) Tuck one side under your arm

4) Wrap the long end around your neck and add a coat

Do guys wear blanket scarves too?

Of course! Have you seen the famous meme of Lenny Kravitz wearing a giant blanket scarf? The British Blanket Company’s blanket scarves are a tad less bulky so more wearable every day. We have some unisex scarf designs like Utility and Marine, which look great with a chunky jumper or smart coat. If you’re struggling to buy for the style-conscious man in your life, scarfs are a lovely gift for men.

Men's blanket scarf


If we’ve inspired you to invest in an oversized blanket scarf and you want to try these styles, The British Blanket Company online shop has some beautiful new designs. All our scarves and made in the UK from soft merino lambswool so they’re soft, light and come in a dazzling range of colours. Which one catches your eye?