New Cosy Gift Boxes for Christmas

New Cosy Gift Boxes for Christmas

Introducing The British Blanket Company's New Cosy Gift Boxes for Christmas

Get ready to step-up your Christmas gifting game with The British Blanket Company's all-new Cosy Gifts Collection! Our luxurious wool blankets are always popular Christmas presents and this year, we're taking it a step further. Now, you can make your Christmas gift truly unforgettable by pairing your choice of blanket with a selection of handpicked stocking-fillers.

cosy gift boxes by The British Blanket Company
The British Blanket Company's new Cosy Gifts make it easy to create a thoughtful gift experience. Every gift is hand-picked to pair perfectly with our British-made wool blankets with build-your-own and curated gift box selections to choose from
cosy gift boxes at The British Blanket Company


Choose from cosy gift ideas such as soft lambswool bed socks, artisan hot chocolate, scented candles, handmade marshmallows, tasty chocolate bars and many more. Each treasure has been handpicked by our co-founder Bethan (an expert in curating Christmas gift guides for top magazines) ensuring your loved ones receive quality gifts made by independent British brands.

Create an unboxing experience that's even more joyful with one of our new colourful eco-friendly gift boxes. Simply build your own custom Cosy Gift Box with your choice of blanket, gift box and selection of items from our gift range and we'll package everything up with a hand-written note inside. Perfect if you're sending a gift directly to their recipient... or just want to win the prize for the most highly-anticipated gift under the tree!

To make life even simpler, opt for one of our curated Cosy Gift Box Selections... just add your choice of wool blanket from our beautiful range and you're sorted!

Cosy Gift Box Selections, curated by The British Blanket Company

christmas cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Christmas Selection

Embrace the festive spirit with our Christmas Cosy Gift Box. This warming selection features our Yule amber jar candle with a spiced orange scent, a delectable gingerbread chocolate bar, and luxurious winter solstice spiced hot chocolate. All of these treasures come beautifully presented in a colourful eco-friendly gift box, making it the perfect gift for spreading warmth and cheer during the Christmas season. 


cosy night in gift box The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Night In Selection

Create a cosy evening with our Night In Cosy Gift Box. This atmospheric selection includes our Fireside amber jar candle with a smoked cedar and moss scent, handmade gourmet marshmallows, and artisan hot chocolate. The bundle is thoughtfully packaged in our signature eco-friendly gift box, creating an inviting atmosphere for a relaxing evening by the fire.


cosy gift box coffee lover The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Coffee Lover Selection

For coffee aficionados, our Coffee Lover Cosy Gift Box is a dream come true. This aromatic selection features single origin coffee roasted by Two Chimps, a handmade mug with a speckled glaze, and a tantalizing cold brew coffee flavoured chocolate bar. All these delightful items come in a patterned eco-friendly gift box, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the perfect brew.


cosy gift box tea break The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Tea Break Selection

Give them a well-deserved rest with our Tea Break Cosy Gift Box. This reviving selection includes organic earl grey tea, a hand-thrown coffee mug with a speckled glaze, and our Dwell amber jar candle with a wild fig and amber scent. It's a perfect way to unwind, and it all comes in a sturdy eco-friendly gift box.


restful cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Restful Selection

Create the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation with our Restful Cosy Gift Box. This calming selection contains a hot water bottle with a wool cover, blue lambswool bed socks, and our Unwind amber jar candle with a relaxing lavender and orange blossom scent. It's the perfect gift for those in need of rest and rejuvenation, beautifully presented in an eco-friendly gift box.


me time cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Me Time Selection

Treat yourself or a loved one to some peace and quiet with our Me Time Cosy Gift Box. This snuggly selection includes cream lambswool bed socks, our Sunday amber jar candle with a fresh linen and jasmine scent, and organic peppermint tea. This bundle is designed for relaxation and self-care, all packed in a gorgeous eco-friendly gift box.


Chocolate cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Chocoholic Selection

For the chocolate enthusiast, our Chocoholic Gift Box is pure bliss. This delicious selection includes artisan hot chocolate, and two of our tastiest chocolate bars in Isle of Skye sea salt and gin & tonic chocolate varieties. This mouth-watering assortment is perfect for indulging their sweet tooth and comes in a bright eco-friendly gift box, making it a chocolate lover's dream.


Build-Your-Own Cosy Gift Box Ideas

Prefer to build-your-own Cosy Gift Box that's tailor-made for your loved one? We make it easy! Simply start with a gift box for blankets, then choose your preferred wool blanket from our range. Finally, add your picks from our Cosy Gifts Collection. We'll package everything together and include a free card with your message.