7 ideas for styling garden seating areas

7 ideas for styling garden seating areas

7 inspiring garden seating ideas

Summer is finally here! And it's the perfect time to give your garden or outdoor seating area a style refresh. Whether you're looking to upgrade patio decor, brighten up garden furniture or need some outdoor seating ideas for a small space, we've got you covered.

If you like one of these ideas, our wool throws and blankets will add the final touches to your outdoor oasis. 

Urban garden seating area

Bamboo, palms and other lush green foliage looks cool and contemporary against a monochrome backdrop. 
urban garden seating area with screen
Image: Cuprinol

Cosy candlelit outdoor dining area

Candles and festoon lights cast a warm glow over this inviting alfresco dining area. 
cosy candle lit outdoor dining area

Pallet sofa seating with pumped up pastels

A yellow painted mural sets the scene for this small courtyard garden. Simple garden sofas made from pallets and brightly coloured textiles finish the look. Adding an additional pattern, such as one of our herringbone pattern blankets will guarantee to make your pastels pop. 
bold pastel pallet garden sofa patio

Modern Mediterranean Garden Dining Area

Glossy green tiles on the walls and patterned tiles on the floor give a holiday feel to this sophisticated outdoor dining space.
green tiled modern garden dining seating area
Style it with: Buttercup Yellow Beehive Throw, The British Blanket Company

Soft and pretty summerhouse

A restful place to while away an afternoon, this cute summerhouse is completed with painted garden furniture and outdoor textiles in soft tones. Make sure to keep any evening breezes at bay with an extra large/king size throw, which will add to the calming, cosy atmosphere.
country style white summerhouse with neutral accessories

Indian-inspired outdoor dining area

Rich block-printed textiles in jewel colours give this lush outdoor dining area a tropical vibe.
ethnic colourful garden dining area

Black and White Boho Patio

A mix of monochrome and wood is always sophisticated, indoors or out. Cushions and throws in simple black and white prints soften the look. Choose a classic pattern like houndstooth to add eye-catching details that will stand out against the colour scheme. 
black and white boho garden seating area
Style it with: Charcoal Grey Houndstooth Throw, The British Blanket Company



Buyer's guide to summer outdoor blankets

When you’re choosing which blankets to buy, there are 3 things to bear in mind.

Natural materials: The best blankets for summer are made from natural materials like wool or cotton as synthetic fabrics can make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Pure wool blankets are chunkier and more practical outdoors as they are machine washable, which is especially handy if you have a fire pit in your seating area. Merino wool blankets are lighter, softer and more luxurious so these are ideal next to the skin when wrapping up on a chilly night.

Where the blankets are made: Look for where your outdoor blankets are made as, unfortunately, lots of blankets are made cheaply in places like China, India and Bangladesh where the quality and working conditions are poor. At The British Blanket Company, all our indoor and outdoor blankets are made the UK and Ireland at traditional weaving mills we know, visit and trust.

Colour and design: are just as important outdoors! When styling a garden seating area, blankets are perfect for adding an accent colour to lift the look. For a tonal look, you could style your seating area in natural stone and pebble grey shades, or take inspiration from your favourite flowers and enhance your terrace with blankets in those colours.


Where to buy outdoor blankets

Outdoor blankets made from wool can be bought online from The British Blanket Company. There's free UK delivery and over 150 blanket designs to choose from so you'll definitely find the perfect match for your garden.


Can you leave wool blankets outside in the garden?

Wool is a durable material so your blankets are fine left outside in the garden during the daytime. Although it won't damage them, we recommend that you bring wool blankets inside if it rains or overnight when they can become damp with dew.

If you opt for a traditional wool blanket from The British Blanket Company they have the added advantage of being machine washable too. If your wool blanket needs a freshen up, airing for a few ours outside on a dry day will usually do the trick.

Remember, merino wool throws are more delicate so they should be kept dry and brought indoors when not in use. Merino throws are only suitable for dry cleaning.

To find the perfect throws for your garden seating area, head to The British Blanket Company online shop. You'll find designs in every imaginable colour and they're all made from pure wool to keep you warm and cosy when you're outside enjoying the garden on summer evenings.