Take your picnics to the next level with these tips

Take your picnics to the next level with these tips

Picture this: the sun is shining, you have a hamper full of delicious goodies in one hand and a luxury picnic blanket in the other. Yes that's it, picnic season has arrived! Now more then ever, an outdoor picnic is a great way to spend time with loved ones at a safe distance. Our blankets are even perfectly sized to measure distance needed between you! Here are our suggestions for how to take your picnic to the next level and add a spot of luxury to your next alfresco lunch.

Shop at your local deli

Everyone has that one shop they go to for special occasions. You know the place we are talking about... the one that sells the fancy whipped butter and homemade cakes flavoured with pistachio and rose water. Head to your local deli ahead of your picnic and they'll love helping you curate the perfect spread. Not only are you supporting a local business, but there's bound to be a taster or two offered while your hamper is filled.

Bubbles are always a grand idea

If time is tight, consider a pre-made picnic hamper with everything you could need for a sparkling good time. Well almost everything... you'll need to add a picnic blanket but, lucky for you, we have a wide array of premium wool picnic blankets with waterproof backing. This hamper from Regency Hampers is sure to delight you and your picnic guests.

A modern twist on a traditional picnic choices 

If you're looking for a unique picnic experience and are based in Bristol like us, why not try Pickle & Pear? They bring an innovative, stylish and ethical element to the world of luxury gifting and grazing. All the delights come beautifully-packed in an easy to carry box, meaning less prep work and washing up! 

Set the scene

To truly take your picnic to the next level in the UK, the setting needs to be right. Choose somewhere that's not too crowded with spectacular views. Before laying down your wool picnic blanket, eye up the ground. Remove any rocks, sticks and add maybe add cushions to keep guests comfortable. Our picnic blankets have a soft wool upper and a waterproof backing to keep the damp away, but removing rocks is down to you!

Our wool Rainbow picnic blanket at sunset

Buy: Rainbow Stripe Waterproof Picnic Blanket

If you're looking for some insider knowledge about some of the most beautiful picnic spots in the UK’s South West we've shared them here.

Grab your picnic blankets 

Now you've been inspired for your luxury picnic, have a look at our portable picnic blankets with carry handles and find the perfect colour for you. Once you're out and picnicking, don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@britishblankets) when you do!