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The myth of pure wool and warmer weather 

merino lambswool throw

We all know that wool is the best natural material for keeping warm in winter. But, did you know, wool can also help keep you cool in warmer weather too?

In this blog we’ll dig deeper into the science and explore why wool blankets are perfect for keeping comfortable in all seasons.

Above: Cream throw blankets, The British Blanket Company

Wool is breathable

Wool is one of the most breathable fibres around. This is because the structure of wool fibres means they absorb moisture vapour, then move it away to evaporate into the air, a process known as wicking. Wool has the natural ability to absorb and release twice as much moisture vapour as cotton, and 30 times as much as polyester.

Wool helps regulate body temperature

In contrast to synthetics, wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. This means it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. A wool blanket or throw on the bed can help you get a more comfortable night’s sleep on hot summer nights.

bed with yellow and pink wool blankets from The British Blanket Company

Layering wool blankets on your bed adds beauty and style to your bedroom, and can also help you regulate your body temperature sleep more comfortably

Wool blankets for beds from The British Blanket Company

Wool is odour resistant

Because wool absorbs moisture vapour, this means less sweat on your body. Wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that also helps prevent stains from being absorbed, plus it generates very little static, so it attracts less dust and lint. Wool blankets generally need to be washed less than other fabrics because they naturally resist dirt and odours. A good shake and an air outside line is often all that’s needed to keep them fresh.

Wool is self-cleaning

It sounds like quite a claim, but let’s explain the science. The keratin in wool actually breaks down bacteria naturally. The core of each wool fibre strand is composed of two types of cells that absorb different amounts of moisture. One type swells more than the other causing a constant motion between the two. This characteristic creates a mechanical, self-cleaning effect.

wool picnic blanket luxury leather straps

Waterproof picnic blankets are practical and stylish for use outdoors

Waterproof picnic blanket, The British Blanket Company

Many wool blankets are machine washable

The British Blanket Company sells a wide range of wool throws that are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry when taking your blanket out for a summer picnic or camping trip. Check out our Wool Care Guide for detailed wool washing instructions to keep your blanket or scarf looking its best.

Wool can benefit sensitive skin

Some sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema, are made worse in hot climates by moisture being trapped next to the skin. A recent study found that soft merino wool fabrics can actually benefit eczema sufferers, as it functions as dynamic buffer, helping to stabilise the humidity and temperature between fabric and skin. It appears that fine merino wool performs like a second skin for people whose skin is too dry. 

blue merino wool throw blanket on yellow armchair
Merino wool throw blankets are lightweight, soft and perfect for adding colour and cosiness to your favourite corner

Which type of wool is warmest?

All types of wool will keep you warm, and have temperature regulating properties to help you stay cool in hot weather. However, merino wool deserves special attention. Merino fibres have a unique crimped structure that create tiny air pockets to trap extra warmth. The British Blanket Company's Finest Collection has a beautiful range of blankets and throws woven from merino lambswool which are very soft and warm, while also being lightweight. This makes merino blankets particularly versatile in all seasons.