Time to snuggle in! How to make your bedroom cosy this autumn

Time to snuggle in! How to make your bedroom cosy this autumn

How to make a bedroom cosy

Below we share some of our top tips for how to make a bedroom cosy, from finding soothing lighting to selecting the perfect king size bed throw, and everything in between.

Layer Up

Layers are one of the best ways to keep warm and this is especially true of bedding. Each extra layer traps warm air that acts as insulation. Using a combination of throws, cushions and blankets you can create a comfortable, inviting space full of texture and warmth. For a big bed you'll want a king size throw blanket to match. These extra-large throws are made from soft merino lambswool. At 230cm long they are designed to go right across the end of larger beds with plenty of drape down the sides, making them the ideal length for a king size bed throw. 

 Larger spaces can sometimes seem less cosy, but this beautiful bedroom shows how it can be done. Layer sheets, blankets and cushions on the bed, then add natural touches of wood, bare brick and heavy curtains

Mood lighting

The right lighting choice is essential when planning how to make a bedroom cosy. A glaring overhead light is never going to cut it when creating a snug, stress-free ambience. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, consider doing away with a ceiling light altogether in favour of bedside lamps or wall lights. A pair of stylish lights will form pockets of light within the room, creating depth and highlighting textures. Alternatively, for an added sense of whimsical charm, you could include a string of soft white fairy lights looped around the fireplace or headboard.

Draw inspiration from this stylish hotel and use a compact lamp on the bedside table to create ambient light


Candles are fundamental to the Scandinavian philosophy of hygge – a concept of appreciating cosy, homely environments. As well as generating heat themselves, their flickering light adds a sense of atmospheric warmth to set the mood. Since having a naked flame could be hazardous in a room full of soft-furnishings, keep them safe within a container – such as a large glass jar or pretty candle holder. Opt for high quality artificial candles if you are in danger of leaving real ones alight when you fall asleep. 

Keep out the draughts

The optimal temperature for sleep is around 16 to 18 °C, so maintaining your room at a consistent temperature will help make your nights more restful. Before cranking up the central heating, think about ways you could first reduce heat loss. Check for draughts and seal up any cracks in the floor or around windows. Buy a draught excluder to stop unwanted icy air coming under your door and look for blinds and curtains made with a thermal lining.

If you love the style of stripped floorboards, a thick pile wool rug is essential next to the bed. This hotel bedroom perfectly mixes practicality and comfort

A cosy bedroom floor

Sinking your feet into a thick, high-pile rug can make all the difference when climbing out of bed on those cold, dark mornings. Whilst wooden or laminate flooring can be fresh and clean in summer, in winter a hard floor is a harsh reminder of the start of the day. Go for extra luxury with a sheepskin, or opt for something modern and understated if you prefer. Whatever style works with your space, make sure it is a soft landing when you emerge from under the covers.

Wind down before bedtime

As well as the environment you create, the importance of a sound bedtime routine cannot be underestimated in fostering a good night’s sleep. Staring at an electronic device is known to impair your ability to drop off, since the blue light their screens emit increases your alertness and delays the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Grabbing a favourite book instead is a great way to wind down. A chamomile and lavender bath oil or pillow spray will help soothe your body with relaxing herbal scents as you prepare for sleep.

It can be useful to keep a notebook and pen next to your bed so you can jot down any thoughts that keep your mind whirring at night

Embracing the early evenings

Knowing how to make a bedroom cosy will enable you to embrace the darker evenings, rather than resist them. Make your bedroom a place you treasure at this time of year; somewhere that you can snuggle up and leave your worries at the door. Grab one of our woollen blankets to wrap up warm. A neutral shade like the Graphite Grey king size throw blanket will create a peaceful colour palette for the room. 



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