Transition your home for spring

Transition your home for spring

Transition your home for spring blog post from The British Blanket Company

The clocks are going forward, the trees are coming into leaf and the Beast from the East has sidled back to Siberia with its tail between its legs (we hope!). The time has come to transition your home for spring by casting a critical eye around each room to introduce a fresh feel for the season ahead.


  • Give the fireplace a thorough vacuum and put away fire tools. The bare hearth can be filled with church candles or some sprigs of foliage.
  • Fold wool throws into a basket beside the sofa. The new smaller size armchair throws from The British Blanket Company (pictured above) are perfect for draping over your knees or shoulders on chillier spring evenings.
  • Add a few brightly-coloured cushions to cheer up your sofa. This is inexpensive if you purchase covers only and re-use the existing inners.
  • Sun shining through the windows can really highlight dirt. Call a local window cleaner and remember to polish the insides with vinegar too.
  • Swap winter-scented candles for reed diffusers or, better still, fragrance the room with fresh flowers.


  • Pack away winter boots and wellies. Treat leather walking boots with dubbin to keep them supple whilst in storage.
  • Give the doormat a good clean. Depending on the material you can beat out dirt or give it a scrub with soapy water.
  • Store heavy winter coats and scarves and replace with your lighter jackets.
  • Hallway walls get a tough time over winter. Use an eraser block to remove scuffs and marks.


  • Swap thick winter duvets for lighter ones. 7-9 tog is about right for spring, with 1-7 tog ideal for summer.
  • Temperatures can still drop at night so it's worth keeping a wool blanket to hand. A new throw is also a nice opportunity to add a splash of colour to your bedroom.
  • Swap over the autumn/winter and spring/summer clothes in your wardrobe. Donate any items you haven't worn to charity.


  • Sort through toiletries and throw away empty bottles. If you have several open bottles of the same thing, consolidate them into one.
  • Deep clean the bathroom to keep on top of grime that builds up over time. Remove limescale from the base of taps, flush through drains and clean tile grout.


  • Sort through tea towels and give them a hot wash. If any have seen better days this is a good time to replace them. Old ones can become cleaning cloths.
  • Plant-up some fresh herbs for the windowsill. You could sow some trays of cut-and-come again salad leaves too.
  • Empty the fridge and throw away any jars of condiments that have been opened longer than the recommended time. Rinse and recycle the jars.
  • Cleaning the oven is probably everyone's least favourite household tasks, but an annual clean will make it less daunting in future. If it's really bad, call in a professional oven cleaner to get it sparkling.

[Main image: Mustard Yellow Herringbone Armchair Throw, The British Blanket Company]

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