What's your picnic personality?

What's your picnic personality?

What's your picnic personality?

As the May Bank Holidays approach, it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors. Whether you’re a social butterfly or a romantic soul, the perfect picnic can make a sunny day truly unforgettable. At The British Blanket Company, we make luxury picnic rugs that cater to every personality.

Read on to discover your picnic style and embrace the beauty of a perfectly planned alfresco adventure.

red picnic blanket from the british blanket company
Made in the UK with a wool top, waterproof backing and real leather straps, The British Blanket Company's picnic rugs are extra special


1. Family Fun-lover 

Picnic Style: Gather your loved ones for a day of joy and laughter with a family. Our colourful wool picnic rugs provide ample space for everyone.
Food Tip: Opt for fuss-free finger foods like mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, and fruit skewers that kids and adults alike will love.
Activity Suggestion: Bring along classic games, including frisbee, egg and spoon races, or a scavenger hunt to keep the energy high and the smiles wide.


2. Social Butterfly

Picnic Style: Catch up with friends and soak up the sun on one of our vibrant picnic rugs. Ideal for soaking up the sun in your local park, a proper picnic rug make every catch-up more comfortable.
Food Tip: Sharing platters work best; think hummus, charcuterie, and artisan breads.
Activity Suggestion: Laughter-filled outdoor games like Spike Ball and Smite can be a great way to bond and create memorable moments.


3. Adventurer at Heart

Picnic Style: For those who crave a touch of adventure, your nearest national park provides the perfect backdrop. Our durable picnic rugs with their waterproof backing are ready for rugged terrains and scenic stops alike.
Food Tip: Pack energy-boosting snacks to eat on the go, like trail mix, juicy apples, and hearty wraps.
Activity Suggestion: Hiking or bird watching are great ways to engage with the natural surroundings.


4. Hopeless Romantic

Picnic Style: Create an intimate setting with our luxury wool picnic rugs, perfect for a serene evening under the stars.
Food Tip: Bring along a sharing spread of olives, fine cheeses, and a bottle of sparkling wine to toast the occasion.
Activity Suggestion: Watching the sunset or stargazing provides a romantic backdrop to your evening.


5. Zen Seeker

Picnic Style: Sometimes, solitude is the perfect reset in our busy lives. Choose a riverside spot to lie down on your picnic blanket and allow the relaxing sound of water to wash over you.
Food Tip: A simple, nutritious lunch like a quinoa salad or a refreshing smoothie bowl can complement your peaceful outing.
Activity Suggestion: Bring a book, practice mindfulness, or simply enjoy the sunshine on your face.


6. Culture Vulture

Picnic Style: Combine culture with leisure by visiting a historical site for your picnic. Our traditional rugs blend seamlessly into these heritage environments.
Food Tip: Pack a classic afternoon tea, with smoked salmon sandwiches, scones, and cloudy lemonade.
Activity Suggestion: Many National Trust and English Heritage properties host outdoor concerns, open air theatre and opera during the summer.

With its elegant landscaped gardens, shimmering lake and historic buildings, Stourhead is a scenic spot for a delightful picnic

Britain's 10 Most Beautiful Picnic Spots

These hidden gems provide tranquil settings where you can escape the crowds and enjoy nature's beauty in peace, making them perfect for those seeking a scenic spot for their next picnic.


1. Buttermere Lake, Lake District
Surrounded by high peaks and lush greenery, the Lake District's crystal-clear waters and the reflection of the sky above provide a picturesque backdrop.

2. Broadway Tower, Cotswolds
Set on the second-highest point in the Cotswolds, Broadway Tower offers panoramic views over sixteen counties on a clear day. 

3. Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary, New Forest
A chance to spot deer in their natural habitat. Bolderwood features designated picnic areas complete with tables, making it a convenient spot for families.

4. Hambleden Valley, Chiltern Hills
Nestled between rolling hills and quaint villages, Hambleden Valley is famed for its outstanding natural beauty and historic landscape.

5. Minack Theatre, Cornwall
An open-air theatre on a rugged cliffside, the Minack Theatre offers stunning ocean views. You're welcome to bring your own picnic if you have tickets for a show.

6. Box Hill, Surrey
With sweeping views over the surrounding countryside, Box Hill is a beloved spot. Its summit offers ample space for picnics, with plenty of trails for post-lunch explorations.

7. Valley of Rocks, Devon
Located near Lynton, the Valley of Rocks is a dramatic and ancient landscape, featuring rugged cliffs and wild goats roaming freely. 

8. Stourhead, Wiltshire
This National Trust property offers a stunning panorama of classical architecture set around a serene lake. The open air theatre programme at Stourhead is not to be missed.

9. Corrieshalloch Gorge, Scottish Highlands
Located near Ullapool, Corrieshalloch Gorge is a deep box canyon with a spectacular waterfall, making it an inspiring backdrop for a more adventurous picnic.

10. Murlough National Nature Reserve, Northern Ireland
Located in County Down, Murlough National Nature Reserve offers a stunning 6,000-year-old sand dune system with a view of the Mourne Mountains and Dundrum Bay.

Make the most of every sunny moment summer has to offer with the luxurious collection of picnic blankets online at The British Blanket Company. Made with love in the UK and complete with a woven wool top, waterproof backing and leather carry straps, they're a beautiful gift.