Extra large throws for king size beds now online

Extra large throws for king size beds now online

Extra large throws for king size beds now online

We love receiving customer suggestions for ways we can make The British Blanket Company even better. Bigger blankets and throws for king size / super king beds comes up often in feedback, so we're delighted to let you know we've introduced a collection of extra large throws!

extra large throw blanket for king size or super king

extra large navy throw blanket for king size and super king bed


What size are the extra large throws for king size beds?

Woven longer in length, our XL blankets are perfectly designed to go right across the end of a large bed with a nice amount of drape down each side. Our extra large blankets will flow generously down the sides of larger beds, giving your bedroom a more luxurious style.

For help choosing the right size blanket for your bed, we have a handy blanket size guide.

What wool types are the extra large throws for king size beds made from?

The British Blanket Company's extra large blankets come in two wool types - pure wool and merino lambswool. Let's explore the differences between the two types so you can decide which is the best blanket for you.

Merino lambswool XL king size throws:

Our merino lambswool extra large throws for king size beds measure 145cm x 230cm approx. including the tassels. The unique crimped structure of merino lambswool fibres trap tiny air pockets, making these blankets remarkably warm while also being light, fine and soft. If you prefer a more refined blanket that drapes beautifully, these are an excellent choice. The British Blanket Company's collection of king size merino wool blankets offers nine elegant colours, all in a classic herringbone pattern. These blankets are woven in Ireland at a small traditional weaving mill that has been making fine wool cloth for generations.

Pure wool XL king size throws:

Our pure wool extra large throws for king size beds measure 150cm x 230cm approx. including the tassels. These blankets are warm and snuggly with a thick and lofty feel, without being too heavy. The pure wool king size blankets come in a choice of woven designs, including our ever-popular classic herringbone, modern Signature herringbone and gorgeous beehive pattern. If you're looking for a blanket that feels substantial and satisfying on your bed or sofa, these generously-sized blankets are the ones to pick. Our extra large pure wool blankets come in more than 30 colours, all woven in the UK. We are proud to work with weaving mills that preserve traditional craftsmanship and make blankets of the highest quality.


extra large king size merino lambswool throw blanket The British Blanket Company

Where are the best quality extra large wool bed blankets made?

Wool blankets crafted in the UK and Ireland boast an unparalleled reputation for exceptional quality. These blankets are the epitome of warmth, comfort, and durability, owing to the rich tradition of wool craftsmanship that has thrived in these regions for centuries. Skilled artisans transform premium wool into blankets known for their sumptuous texture and insulation properties. What sets UK and Irish wool blankets apart is not just their superior materials but also the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece. Whether it's the classic herringbone pattern or a modern design, these blankets offer a touch of timeless elegance and functionality that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world. When you invest in an extra large wool blanket made in the British Isles, you're not just acquiring a piece of bedding; you're welcoming a tradition of quality and comfort into your home.

These gorgeous extra large throws include free UK delivery when you order online at The British Blanket Company

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