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Inspired by the coast that wraps around our British Isles



Our Special Edition collections push the boundaries of what's possible in weave design. Our new "Ripple" pattern incorporates flowing curved lines, which are rarely seen in weaving, due to their complexity.

The result is a soft blanket which perfectly captures the life and motion within coastal landscapes. Choose from three colourways inspired by the fronds of rock samphire, glistening mackerel scales and the painted topshell sea snail.

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"the clifftops, the beaches, and the sea"



The Shipping Forecast "Ombre" weave is inspired by the colour palette of Britain's coastal landscapes. The lush green of the cliffs, the sand and shells on the beaches, and the dramatic blues of our deep ocean.

Woven with seven of our finest merino yarns, "Ombre" showcases more colours than any blanket we have ever woven. The gradual interplay between the colours provides a blended hue when viewed from afar, and an intriguing pattern when examined up close.

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Design Story

Shipping Forecast Special Edition

Bringing the mesmerising colours and patterns of the British coastline to life in woven form, these beautiful blankets are works of art to treasure. Our 2022 Special Edition is the culmination of 12 months of design work, pushing the possibilities of weaving to the limit.

Co-founder, Bethan John, explains why this collection holds such special meaning for us, and how coastal landscapes, flora and fauna inspired each of the six designs.

Previous Special Editions

British Birds 2020

Our inaugural Special Edition Collection with five designs inspired by native birds from around the British Isles.

Woven as limited run, these are no longer for sale, but you can find out more about the design story on our blog.