Wildweave - wool throws inspired by nature - Made in the UK by The British Blanket Company



Bring natural beauty into your home with Wildweave, our Special Edition collection. Designed in-house at The British Blanket Company and woven in Yorkshire from the warmest wool yarns, these new colours celebrate nature's colours in all their glory.

Inspired by nature - rowan, heather and blackberry
Answer the call of the wild - explore nature with Wildweave

follow the call of the wild

Blackberry and heather purple wool blanket - Wildweave

Blackberry & Heather

Juniper and moss green wool blanket - Wildweave

Juniper & Moss

Midnight and dusk blue wool blanket - Wildweave

Midnight & Dusk

Rowan and beech red wool blanket - Wildweave

Rowan & Beech

Design Story

Wildweave Special Edition

To capture nature’s subtle shades, our Yorkshire dye house has created eight bespoke yarns exclusively for us. Each Wildweave blanket pairs two tone-on-tone colours, with a deeper shade in the weft and a lighter shade in the warp, edge and tassels. The interplay of colours across the woven diamond pattern gives these blankets a mesmerizing depth, seeming almost to move as they drape.

Wrap up warm this winter in wool blankets from The British Blanket Company

Natural warm wool

Why do our Wildweave blankets feel so thick and warm? Because we’ve lovingly crafted them from the finest pure wool yarns. Wool traps pockets of air between the fibres, creating blankets that feel cosy and substantial, without being too heavy. Whether you wrap up on the sofa, add an extra layer to your bed or take your new blanket on an autumn picnic, these blankets are soft, snug and sustainable, all thanks to the natural wonder of wool.

Wool blankets woven in the UK by The British Blanket Company

Made in the UK

Cuddle up with a Wildweave blanket and you’ll feel British quality woven into every strand. The journey begins in Yorkshire where the wool is dyed and spun into yarn, before travelling just a few miles to the mill.

This glorious honey-stone mill has been weaving wool cloth since 1783, with many of the hand-crafted skills that go into making a blanket unchanged for generations. Finally, the blankets arrive in North Wales where they’re cut and labelled, ready to become your heirlooms of the future.

Previous Special Editions


The Shipping Forecast

Bringing the mesmerising colours and patterns of the British coastline to life in woven form, these beautiful blankets are works of art to treasure. Our 2022 Special Edition is the culmination of 12 months of design work, pushing the possibilities of weaving to the limit.

Co-founder, Bethan John, explains why this collection holds such special meaning for us, and how coastal landscapes, flora and fauna inspired each of the six designs.


British Birds

Our inaugural Special Edition Collection with five designs inspired by native birds from around the British Isles.

Woven as limited run, these are no longer for sale, but you can find out more about the design story on our blog.