Russet Red Chevron Throw

Care Instructions

100% Wool | 150cm x 183cm
Made in Britain


This elegant blanket is both subtle and beautiful. It is woven with a particularly fine wool yarn that gives the cloth a smooth texture, light feel and superior quality. Patterned with a delicate russet red chevron design. This sophisticated blanket is equally suited to a bed or sofa. Finished with a tasselled edge.


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Care Instructions - Wool
Our wool blankets are machine washable on a cold cycle. Do not spin or wring. We recommend that you use a mild detergent specially formulated for wool.
To dry your blanket, drape in half over a line or rack to drip dry naturally. Never tumble dry as this will cause shrinkage.
Blankets should be washed separately to avoid snagging.
With love and care, your blanket will last for many years.