4 eye-popping ways to update your home office

4 eye-popping ways to update your home office

Earlier in the year, we shared tips from the British Blanket Company team on how to create a cosy space to work from home. Now, as a new season approaches, it might be time for a bit of an office refresh. These 4 eye-popping tips are easy to do and will help you create a more productive and comfortable WFH environment. 

Why you should update your home office

Co-founder Bethan in her own home office located in Bristol, UK

Our co-founder Bethan is a long-time WFH-er and designed this bespoke alcove desk that can be closed out of sight in the evening, helping to promote work / life balance

When you enjoy the space you work in, we believe you get better results. You want your home office to not only be efficient and organised, but a place that represents your style and promotes creativity. By updating your home office area, you ensure your WFH zone is a positive and happy space. 

Light it up

Image from LD Shoppe

If your office or designated workspace doesn't have adequate lighting, you are missing a trick. Having a proper desk lamp will not only add some designer style to your space, but also help your eyesight and increase your concentration. If you don't fancy buying a whole new light, but want to add a bit of fun, why not get a colour-changing bulb? A colour changing light bulb can be set up exactly how you like it. Not only can you set them to turn on automatically at a specific light hue, but you can alter the light to change throughout the day as needed.

Reduce stress with plants

 Image from Balcony Garden 

The love of all things houseplant-related has exploded this past year, and we're fully-fledged plant parents here at The British Blanket Company! One small plant can help alleviate stress, increase oxygen in your space and add a bit of life to your room. What we love most is that there is a plant out there for everybody, from the unfussy Snake Plant to the temperamental Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Buying the right plant for your office is a simple but effective way to update your home office quickly and cheer-up your desk.

Cosy meets chic

We'd be remiss if we didn't recommend that your office should have cosy elements, too! Most of us feel the cold more when we're sitting at our desks for an extended time. If you can, walk around several times a day to get your circulation going. Our armchair throws are the perfect way to add pops of colour to your office and, on those colder days, they are an ideal size to drape over your knees or shoulders. 

Personalise your eye line 

Image from Kate and Laurel

Adding visually interesting imagery around your desk and in your eye line provides an easy place for your eyes to land on and have a rest. If you aren't a fan of hanging art in your office, why not print two to three photos that bring you joy and invest in lovely frames? Personalising your eye line truly makes that space just for you. 

Updating your home office? Share your pictures with us on Instagram and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on which of our wool blankets would be perfect for you!