Designer Spotlight Series: Holly Armour

Designer Spotlight Series: Holly Armour

In our recent designer spotlight, we showcased the pretty vintage style of Mardle Cottage. In our latest spotlight, we speak to Holly Armour who has lovingly revamped a 16th century farmhouse in Suffolk. We couldn't be more honoured that Holly included our wool blankets in this project over the last year. 


Meet the Designer 

With a long family history of furniture making, Holly has always been interested in interiors and aesthetics. Having worked for both and Pooky Lighting in their marketing departments, she was exposed to many inspiring and highly creative people in the interiors industry, learning about product design, fabrics, textures and interior styling. Recently, her family relocated from London back to sleepy Suffolk, where she grew up. Over the last year, Holly has made her home her own, taking inspiration from all the people she's met along the way. 

Where do you find design inspiration?

Much of my life has been spent trawling through antique markets and scouring the pages of home interior magazines for inspiration, although my main source is often art. My mother is an artist and has always encouraged me and my sister to pursue our artistic interests, and to collect art along the way. I now have quite an extensive collection and each piece holds a different memory for me and meaning. I often start a room scheme off with a piece of art as the focal point and a neutral background and then layer from there. For me it is so important to have art everywhere in your home, whatever medium - it is good for the soul. I love the contrast between old and new, modern art and antique furniture. 

Holly's passion for art is evident throughout the house. Contemporary art and historic paintings rub shoulders, creating a casual feel

What elements are essential for a cosy room?

Fill it with things you love, lots of candles and a mixture of colourful textures. 

Is there one piece of advice that you can give to someone who is looking for a quick refresh in their home?

Change your layout...I often do this, much to my family's annoyance! Moving furniture around can be so liberating and can completely alter the feel of a space and costs nothing. Lighting can also be key, move your lamps around, add a new lampshade. Little changes can have a huge impact. 

Layered textures, such as terracotta and wicker, give the room a comfortable and homely style

What's your favourite part of your home?

That’s such a tough question, it changes all the time. But if I really had to pick one I think it would be my drawing room. It has doors that open up onto our pond so it is such a versatile room that we can enjoy from season to season. It is packed with lots of rich colour, pattern, different textures and of course art that we have amassed over the years. 

How did you use your British Blanket Company blanket in your home?

We have this wonderful guest room right up in the eaves of the house. Originally I wanted to wallpaper the entire space and then we decided that it might look too oppressive so instead I set out to accessorise the room with beautiful lighting, cushions and, of course, blankets. I absolutely love the chevron design on the blankets and the shade of blue sits perfectly in the space. Everyone that stays in the room always remarks on the blankets and says how lovely and cosy they are. 

Guests love this cosy attic bedroom with its wooden beams, antique furniture and warm wool blankets

How would you style our wool blankets during warmer months?

Picnics and alfresco dining - since moving back to the countryside my family and I have loved being able to wander out to the garden for a picnic, especially over the last year when we have been at home a lot more. There is something so special and totally nostalgic about having a picnic. We also use our blankets whenever we have dinners in the garden. Draping blankets over the chairs ready for any of your guests that may feel the cold is so much more elegant than sitting with a cumbersome coat on!

The Olive Green picnic blanket sits above the picnic hamper, ready to grab and go when the weather is fine!

What's one thing you have to have in your home?

People. Lots of art, fresh flowers and books!

This fireside bench is the perfect place to perch on a chilly evening

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am in the process of setting up an events company where I would like to offer courses and workshops all based around interiors and wholesome country living. We are hoping to launch in the Autumn so watch this space...

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 All photography provided by Holly.