4 reasons to buy British and buy Small in 2021

4 reasons to buy British and buy Small in 2021

Why buy British?

It’s a question that in recent years has been asked more and more in the e-commerce world. At the British Blanket Company, we embrace Britain’s long weaving heritage and all our products are woven at traditional mills in the British Isles. Our business is not alone with this approach focussed on keeping local industry alive. Keep reading and discover 4 reasons to buy British and buy Small in 2021:

Environmental Footprint

Buying goods and services created in the UK minimises how far a product has to travel to get to your doorstep. This often results in a significantly lower carbon footprint than those that tend to be mass-produced in countries abroad.

Personalised Experience 

When you buy from a small UK business you are often talking directly to the owner or a core member of their team. With the British Blanket Company, we strive for a wonderful experience throughout. When shopping with us, you will be talking to one of the five lovely members of our team over social media, e-mail or over the phone. 


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Ethical Sourcing

By buying in the UK, you can worry less about ethical sourcing! If it’s made in Britain you’ll know that each person involved in the process was paid a fair wage and provided a safe environment to work in. 


When spending with local retailers, money spent stays in the local economy, which in turn leads to other businesses benefitting. Shopping locally has been shown to be 60% better for the local economy (Centre for Local Economic Strategies) for every £1 spent, roughly 63p is invested back into the local economy.

On top of this, small businesses account for three-fifths of the employment in the UK, which in turn puts money directly back into your community. Shopping small and shopping British truly does make a difference.

4 reasons to buy British and buy Small in 2021

When you buy British and buy small you’re making a choice and a statement. Thank you for buying British and buying Small, we couldn’t do this without you! 

Who are some of your favourite small UK based businesses? Share them below!