Laptop sits on top of a wool British made blanket with a movie playing for a cosy night

4 Ways To Prep Your Home For Cosy Autumn Movie Nights

Falling leaves, crisp fresh air, and an abundance of seasonal spiced lattes. Get cosy and snuggle up with a movie: autumn is here!

What better way to greet the fall (as those in Hollywood would say) than a movie night with friends? Here are four steps to help you get ready for a cosy autumn gathering. Read on for movie recommendations, snack ideas, and some top interior design tips.

cosy autumn movie night with wool blankets pumpkins and popcorn on a yellow sofa

1. Prep a selection of seasonal movies

Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus — what's the biggest problem with having all these streaming services at the click of a button? There’s too much choice. Before you and your friends settle on a flick, the night is over, particularly if you’re an indecisive bunch. 

This calls for an action plan. You need to curate a tight selection of films before the guests arrive. Why? Because the host should always be prepared. And it helps that autumn is a perfect movie-night theme, ideal for a cosy night huddled in a duvet. 

Here are some of our autumnal favourites to help get inspired

  • The Goonies: a wholesome classic
  • Knives Out: a star-studded whodunit 
  • Good Will Hunting: a real tear-jerker

The build-up to Halloween wouldn’t be right without a spooky horror to get your guests hiding behind the sofa. The movie of choice here depends on your tolerance for jump scares. Some brave souls enjoy challenging psychological thrillers like Midsommer, while others love iconic 90s horror staples like Candyman or Scream. This horror movie list by Rotten Tomatoes is a great place to get some ideas. 

cosy living room with blue wool herringbone blanket and yellow spotty blanket pumpkins and popcorn

2. Get creative when working with an awkward space

Now that you have a selection of movies queued up and ready to go, it’s time to start thinking about the venue. Unlike the movie stars we’re watching, it’s not likely that our homes are large enough to house bespoke cinema rooms, projector and all. 

The screen has to be the focal point of the room, but getting a good view is easier said than done. From long narrow living rooms to cramped boxy bedrooms, houses come in all shapes and sizes, challenging hopeful hosts looking to create killer home movie nights. 

Here are some top tips for working with awkward spaces:

  • Vertical space: keep things elevated (perhaps mount your television to the wall)
  • Remove clutter: clear up any floor mess and move obstacles like coffee tables
  • Bright colours: keep your palette light and breezy to give the illusion of space

Don’t forget about the seating arrangements. Bring in the reinforcements — meaning lots of plush beanbags and maybe even an ottoman —  to ramp up the comfort factor. Some oversized cushions won’t hurt. 

hand taking popcorn from a bowl on top of a yellow spotted wool blanket and pumpkins in the background

3. Don’t forget the blankets and cushions

While autumn is an aesthetically pleasing time of year, don’t forget it’s cold outside. Keep your guests toasty warm inside with a generous supply of blankets and cushions. Fill a basket with small wool throws so there's one handy for everyone, or invest in a extra large blanket that's large enough for two to snuggle.

Plusher is always better when it comes to cushions. You’ll need somewhere to rest your head as the hours go by and you get a little drowsy. Plus, if you're watching a spooky movie, you’ll need barrier to shield you when the jump scares arrive!

4. Bring on the snacks and dim the lights (the movie is starting) 

The guests have arrived, you’re all snugly secured in a sea of blankets and cushions, and the movie is starting. Isn’t there something you’ve forgotten? Yes, the snacks, of course. 

Here are some seasonal snack ideas for a home movie night in autumn: 

  • Salted caramel doughnuts: the most moreish of sweet treats
  • Pumpkin spiced popcorn: standard popcorn with a seasonal topping 
  • Cinnamon apple chips: you always need a healthy alternative

While it's great host etiquette to go all-out on home-baked tasty goodies, Halloween is just around the corner, so some classic faves wouldn’t go amiss. Think M&Ms, Minstrels and Maltesers. All the Ms. 

From curating your movie list and providing snacks, to setting up the venue just right, these tips will help you achieve ample cosiness for a dream movie night. Head to our social media and let us know the films you just can't miss for autumn and Halloween.

cosy living room movie night with wool blankets and popcorn on a yellow sofa
cosy living room movie night with wool blankets and popcorn on a yellow sofa