Stylish Black Halloween Decor Ideas

5 Spooky Yet Stylish Décor Ideas For Autumn

5 Spooky Yet Stylish Décor Ideas For Autumn

Ghosts and ghouls may not be everyone’s idea of stylish décor but, with Halloween around the corner, you might be tempted to add some creepy seasonal touches to your home. By placing emphasis on natural materials and simple colour schemes, you might be surprised how easy it is to create a look that’s both spooky and stylish. From prettily decorated pumpkins to twiggy centrepieces, we’ve got the inspiration and ideas you need to decorate your living space tastefully this Halloween.

Look #1: Natural Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween originates from the Pagan festival of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark half of the year. So, why not draw inspiration from the ancestors and decorate your home with natural elements?

Think of this look as Halloween-meets-Harvest Festival. Apples and hazelnuts were traditionally used in divination games, but can be used in your natural Halloween décor, together with pumpkins and autumn leaves. Decorate your front door with a DIY autumn wreath and create an eye-catching seasonal table-centre with stacks of ornamental gourds.

Finally, add lots of candles to create a warm glow… and to guide the spirits of the dead, of course!

Autumn mantel with leaves and pumpkins
This frightfully chic autumn mantel idea features seasonal leaves, pumpkins and the warm glow of candlelight
autumn halloween decorated pumpkins
This inviting table scheme works just as well for an autumn supper as it does for Halloween. Next year, you could even grow your own white pumpkins from seed!
stack of orange and yellow autumn blankets with pumpkins alongside

Warm colours like orange and yellow are perfect for autumnal décor and blankets add colour and cosiness instantly. These snuggly wool blankets are all made in the UK by The British Blanket Company

Look #2: Monochrome Halloween Décor Ideas

If you want your home to look both creepy and chic, this one’s for you! Nothing looks more dramatic than a black and white interior colour scheme, and Halloween is no exception. Spooky monochrome decorations are easy to introduce into a contemporary room, especially if you already have white walls and grey furnishings.

Think bats, spiders and crows and you’re already part way there. Play with light and shadow by cutting simple shapes from black paper to create spooky silhouettes. Twiggy branches placed strategically in front of a bright desk lamp can instantly transform a dark corner into a scary forest.

Plus, the beauty of decorating with shadows is there’s no clearing up afterwards!

black and white floral no carve pumpkin
Pumpkin carving is a messy business so try this black and white floral no-carve pumpkin tutorial instead
black and white halloween decor ideas
This monochrome sideboard display is full of drama, with artificial spider's web, bat wall decorations and poison bottles

Look #3: Neutral Halloween Décor Ideas

Tempted to decorate your home for Halloween, but want to keep it subtle? A neutral colour scheme is perfect for introducing spooky touches gently. Ghost pumpkins are naturally white in colour, or you could try painting pumpkins in a soft palette of tonal shades.

Soft grey-green eucalyptus can be used to decorate the table or wound around stairs in a simple garland (and it smells lovely too).

Textures and fabrics are key to this look, so make use of rustic hessian for table runners, lace to make minimalist ghost decorations and use wicker baskets to serve the obligatory trick-or-treats.

neutral halloween decor shelf
A crow decoration and a little white pumpkin is all it takes to give this neutral shelving display a spooky twist
neutral halloween table decor white pumpkins and eucalyptus
Simplicity is the secret to this neutral Halloween table decorated with pumpkins, eucalyptus and tall white dinner candles
neutral halloween decor with blanket and pumpkin

When decorating for autumn with neutral colours, layering texture is important to add visual interest and avoid your room feeling cold. This grey wool blanket is £40 from The British Blanket Company

Look #4: Glamourous Halloween Décor Ideas

If your style is more glam than ghoulish, host a fright night party that’s sophisticated and decadent. Messy games like apple bobbing won’t work here: apply your blood red lipstick, shake-up some creepy Halloween cocktail recipes, serve (literal) finger food you’ll be the ghostess with the mostess!

For glamourous Halloween décor, choose a dark and mysterious colour palette of black and deep red, with sumptuous velvet fabrics and glittery gold touches. These DIY Moon Phase Lights and no carve pumpkins are easy yet impactful.

I also love this chic all-black table concept: if Morticia Addams and Miss Havisham co-hosted a Halloween dinner party, this would be it!

all black halloween dinner party decor scheme
This all-black Halloween tablescape idea by Camille Styles is dramatic and stylish
all black halloween dinner party decor scheme 
Decaying details, like a rose just past its best, give this glamourous tablescape a chilling twist

Look #5: Outdoor Halloween Décor Ideas

Finally, if you’re not keen to decorate inside your home, outdoor Halloween decorations might be the perfect compromise. This could be as simple as a row of carved pumpkins leading up the path, or as elaborate as a giant spider’s web over your front door. The only limit is your time and imagination!

Remember, in most neighbourhoods a lit pumpkin outside is the signal that you welcome trick-or-treaters, so make sure you’ve stocked up on sweeties (and planned your tricks) in advance!

outdoor halloween decor ideas porch
Decorating the outside of your home is a great way to inject some humour and make the trick-or-treaters smile - this witchy porch idea is perfect
outdoor halloween decorating ideas
Often it's the simplest and easiest styling ideas that are the most effective! 

Looking for more ideas?

The British Blanket Company Pinterest account is a treasure trove of inspiration, from cosy interior design ideas to UK travel tips and autumn recipes. If you’ve enjoyed this blog and want even more Halloween decorating ideas, themed foods and creepy craft projects, head to our ‘Spooky Yet’ stylish board and host a fright night party your guests will never forget!