Cherish the Chill: how to do winter well

Cherish the Chill: how to do winter well

Cherish the Chill: how to do winter well

"Proper winter weather" is here at last! With clear blue skies, sparkling frost, and the ever-present whisper of snow, it's a time to revel in this season's unique pleasures. With a pure wool, British-made blanket and scarf as your trusted companion, you're ready to wrap up warm and make the most of crisp dry days. Let's look at ways to do winter well, striking perfect balance between enjoying the fresh air outdoors and relishing cosy moments indoors, all while staying warm and stylish.

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Pure wool blankets from The British Blanket Company add welcome colour to your home in winter and help you stay warm, naturally


Staying In: cosy evenings redefined

Winter evenings are an invitation to unwind and seek comfort in the warmth of your home. Picture yourself nestled on your sofa, a soft, luxurious wool blanket from The British Blanket Company draped over you. A blanket could be all you need to transform your living space into a haven of comfort. Choose from chunky pure wool blankets or a softer merino wool throw and wrap up warmly as you sip your hot cocoa, read your favourite book, or enjoy a quiet evening with your loved ones. These slow moments are what winter nights were made for, and our blankets make them even more special.

Blog cherish the chill how to do winter well - The British Blanket Co
Our merino wool oversized blanket scarves are everything you need for your winter wardrobe. Woven to generous proportions, you can wear them as a shawl or pashmina on the coldest days


Going Out: style meets comfort

Venturing out into the crisp winter air is one of the best things about winter. It's about feeling the gentle crunch of frost under your feet and watching your breath turn into a misty cloud. But no winter outing is enjoyable without the perfect accessories to keep you warm. The British Blanket Company's scarves are a layer of warmth and a statement of style. Wrapped around your neck, our scarves add a touch of colour to your winter outfits. Choose from traditional lambswool scarves, or go oversized and invest in a giant blanket scarf to bundle up fully against the chill. All are made in the British Isles to bring you the best quality and softness.

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Pure wool blankets have natural thermal properties, trapping pockets of warm air and helping you stay warm at home in winter, without reaching for the thermostat


Discover sustainable warmth with wool

At The British Blanket Company, we believe in keeping warm sustainably by embracing the thermal properties of amazing natural fibres. Our products are designed to help you live sustainably, enabling you to turn down the heating a notch and wrap up in the natural warmth of pure wool. By choosing our blankets and scarves, you can keep warm through winter, enhance the look of your home, and make a positive choice for the environment.

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Cherish the chill and invest in a winter toolkit to help you keep cosy at home. A wool blanket, hot drinks from your favourite mug and soft lambswool socks are simple pleasures that make all the difference

The British Blanket Company can help you "do winter well"

Winter is a season of contrasts - the cold outside and the warmth inside. It's about balancing the joy of snuggling up indoors with the thrill of embracing the outdoor chill. The British Blanket Company is here to enhance your winter experience with our range of pure wool, British-made blankets and scarves. Whether you're staying in or going out, make this winter a season to remember. Stay cosy, stay stylish, and do winter well with The British Blanket Company.