Self-care rituals for winter wellbeing

Self-care rituals for winter wellbeing

Self-care Rituals for Winter Wellbeing

January might not top the list of everyone's favourite months, sitting awkwardly between the festive cheer of December and the budding hope of spring. Yet, this is precisely why I find it a perfect time to slow down and engage in some simple yet profoundly satisfying activities. In today's blog I'll share my personal strategies to stay buoyant during these final weeks of winter.

cosy and comfortable self care scene for winter with warm socks, hot water bottle and a black and white cat on the sofa
Cosy up with a warm wool blanket and a hot cuppa for the perfect winter comfort


Supporting Our Feathered Friends

Winter can be a tough time for garden birds. I find immense joy in setting out various bird foods – be it seeds, suet, or fat balls. Not only is it heartening to watch them feast, but it also nurtures a sense of connection with nature.


Weekend Batch-Cooking

The thought of cooking every evening can be demotivating in winter when the nights are dark and cold. My solution? Preparing large batches of hearty soups or slow-cooked stews during the weekend. This approach not only saves time but also ensures you have delicious and nutritious meals ready in a jiffy. 


Embrace 'Hygge' with Wool Blankets

The Danish concept of 'hygge' emphasises comfort and joy in life's simple things. Wrapping up in a pure wool blanket offers not just warmth, but a sense of snug contentment. The British Blanket Company offers a delightful range of pure wool blankets to choose from.


pulling on warm wool socks sitting on a red wool blanket
Warmth is key to winter wellbeing. Invest in cosy socks and thermal blankets to keep warm naturally


Refresh Your Sock Drawer

Never underestimate the simple pleasure of a new pair of socks! Investing in quality, cosy socks is a small but luxurious treat during these colder months. I highly recommend these lambswool socks for their unparalleled warmth and comfort.


Focus on One Sense at a Time

In a world of constant multitasking, it's refreshing to engage in activities that require the use of just one sense. For instance, enjoy a podcast without scrolling through social media, or relish a book in quiet solitude.


Gardening as Therapy

Gardening is not only therapeutic but also an effective way to combat winter blues. Now is the perfect time to plant bulbs or bare root roses that will bloom in summer. If you lack a garden space, consider volunteering in community gardening projects. Discover opportunities to volunteer with the RHS, or volunteer with the National Trust here.

lighting a candle in a jar
Blended with scents to create the perfect cosy ambience, our amber jar candles are the perfect treat


Daytime Candle Ritual

Introduce the serene ambiance of candlelight into your daytime routine. A candlelit meal, even at brunch, can transform an ordinary moment into something special.


Take a Short Walk

Wrap up in a warm scarf and step outside for a brief stroll. Whether it's around your neighbourhood, a nearby park, or just around your office building, a short walk can lift your mood, clear your mind, and provide a quick energy boost.


Daily Window-Watching

Set aside 10 minutes each day to simply gaze out of your window. Accompany this quiet moment with your favourite hot drink (or a glass of wine). It's a practice in mindfulness, allowing you to absorb the tranquillity of the world outside while pressing pause on your busy life.

 self care rituals for winter blog

With cold weather keeping us indoors more than we might like, window-gazing is a mindful practice that can help us reconnect


Board Games at the Pub

A leisurely afternoon at the pub, complete with a board game, is a perfect antidote to dreary weather. Games like Dixit and Ticket to Ride strike the right balance of fun without being overly noisy for public spaces.


Disconnect from Screens

Consciously turn off your phone, close your laptop, turn off the TV and take a break. Use this time to engage in activities you enjoy, such as reading a book, listening to music, or simply enjoying a moment of quiet.


Take Up a Social Hobby

Engaging in hobbies with others can be more fulfilling than solo activities. Join a book club, enrol in a craft class, or take up dance lessons. The social interaction can be a powerful motivator during these shorter days.


Late winter offers an opportunity to rediscover joy in life's simpler aspects. By embracing these activities, we can find warmth and contentment as we await the arrival of spring. Browse beautiful British-made wool blankets to create your winter nest at The British Blanket Company.