Get the Look: Cosy bedroom inspiration

Get the Look: Cosy bedroom inspiration

Get the Look: Cosy bedroom inspiration

Pack your bags and come with us on a journey into cosiness, as we explore the secrets of a stunning bedroom at Moonfleet Manor hotel. Prepare to be transported to a world of muted colours, natural materials, and soft textures that will make you want to stay in bed forever. Let's dive into the details that make this room so gorgeous, and find out how to bring some cosy bedroom inspiration into your interior design at home.


cosy bedroom inspiration design ideas

Embracing Earthy Tones

Let's start with the colours! Half-height tongue and groove panelling painted in a light sage green brings a slice of nature right into the bedroom, creating a warm and serene atmosphere. The muted, chalky hues of this natural retreat are perfect for unwinding after a long day on the beach. 


The Allure of Dark Wood

Now, let's step onto the floor and enjoy the warmth underfoot. Chestnut-coloured wood flooring and mid-century modern furniture take centre stage here. Wood flooring ticks all the boxes for style, practicality and cosiness in a bedroom, especially with the addition of a wool rug or two. The rich, earthy tones of the wood add rustic charm, giving the room a contemporary yet down-to-earth vibe.

cosy bedroom interior design inspiration The British Blanket Co and Moonfleet Manor


cosy bedroom at moonfleet manor hotel styled with a rust red wool blanket by The British Blanket Company

cosy bedroom seating area with sage green wood panelling and a rust red wool throw

This cosy bedroom is relaxing, yet distinctive. A backdrop of earth tones and natural wood provide a foil for the red wool blanket, which adds a warm accent colour

Rust Red Accents

Every bedroom needs an eye-catching pop of colour, and touches of warm rust red really inject warmth and vibrancy into the mix. The comfy king size bed is topped with a Rust Red Signature Herringbone wool blanket from The British Blanket Company, inviting every guest to cuddle up for their well-deserved lie-in. Moonfleet Manor is renowned for sourcing local produce, so British-made wool blankets in the bedrooms fit perfectly with the hotel's ethos.

Striking Contrast with Black

Small touches of black make a big impact in this bedroom, without ever dominating. Picture frames and light fittings add a dash of sophistication and prevent things from getting too one-dimensional. It's all about balance. The interplay between light and dark adds a touch of drama while maintaining an inviting atmosphere.

Textural Delights

We love textures! Soft wool throws, plush rugs, and inviting upholstery add a tactile element and visual depth to the room. The use of natural materials like wicker baskets and casually-arranged wildflowers bring touches of the coastal landscape outside into this cosy sanctuary.

warm and cosy seating area with a red wool throw blanket from The British Blanket Company
cosy bedroom chair corner red blanket
cosy bedroom with sofa area decorated in sage green with a red throw blanket on the sofa
The bedroom has a snug seating area with soft stripey cushions and a warm wool blanket ready for those cool coastal nights

This cosy bedroom at Moonfleet Manor hotel in Dorset brims with inspiring interior design ideas to help create a tranquil and comfortable place to relax, read and snooze. From the sage green tongue and groove panelling to the dark chestnut wool flooring, every element comes together to create a warm and inviting space. The accents of rust red and touches of black add that extra charm, while the natural textures connect you with the beauty of the Jurassic Coast just outside the door. 

Photography credit: Helen Cathcart for Moonfleet Manor Hotel