cosy christmas decorations robin print and red throw with dried foliage

Cosy Christmas Decorations Inspired by Our Robin Throw

Cosy Christmas Decorations with Robin Print

Christmas season is almost upon us and the festive colours of our luxuriously soft Robin Throw have inspired us to start thinking about cosy Christmas decorations (it's not too early yet is it?) 

With its deep red, honey and ecru yarns, this blanket celebrates the sweet bird that appears in our gardens over the colder months (as though it missed the memo about flying south to warmer climates). It's the perfect inspiration for cosy Christmas decór this year. Here are some ideas to get you feeling festive.

Embrace the Warm Colours of Nature for Cosy Christmas Decorations

The warm colours of our Robin throw blend beautifully with natural Christmas decorations. And bringing nature indoors creates a wonderfully cosy and wholesome ambience.

When it comes to cosy Christmas decorations, nothing beats natural foliage. Logs in a basket or pine cones in unused fireplaces make the space feel warm and welcoming. Holly branches and evergreens such as pine, draped around banisters or along shelves, add a feel of authenticity to your décor. And of course, there's always an excuse for a cheeky bit of mistletoe above the door frame. 

berries and sprigs of foliage make cosy christmas decorations

Handmade Wreaths

Lockdown has likely given us all more time to try indoor hobbies this year, so why not use the chance to embrace Christmas crafting. Creating your own Christmas wreath won’t fail to get you into a festive mood, thanks to the beautiful natural scents of fir combined with cinnamon and dried fruit.

If you prefer to add your own spin, you may like these more minimalist asymmetrical wreaths by Paper and Stitch. Still using natural greenery and flowers, these wreaths are a more artistic interpretation of the traditional front door foliage.

Or for a quick and simple wreath, we hung gold leaf decorations in the centre of this embroidery hoop with a sprig of ivy wrapped around it. Add a ribbon for hanging and voila! Quick but effective Christmas decorations.

cosy christmas decorations next to pile of blankets

Homemade Gingerbread Garlands

Once you've caught the crafting bug, this sweet idea is a chance to combine Christmas baking with cosy Christmas decorations. Classic gingerbread biscuits can be incorporated as garlands on the tree, or even as gift tags on your presents, adding a personal touch.

Gingerbread garlands

Whether you opt for a traditional gingerbread man or prefer hearts, stars or angel shapes, just press some holes into your biscuits before you bake them. Then they can be strung together with a pretty ribbon, hung individually on doors or the tree, or even tied around napkins for your table decorations. You can find the full tutorial here.

Top Marks For Your Tree Topper

The Christmas tree will always be the central point of your Christmas décor, so it is worth spending some time and thought designing it. Something like this antique brass ornament will add a sense of vintage grandeur to your tree. Don't forget to twist your fairly lights right the way to the top of your tree to highlight your topper.

this brass star treetopper makes for cosy christmas decorations


Build Ambience

Of course we love a little Christmas sparkle, but to make your home feel truly cosy, use soft furnishings and other accessories to build ambience. If you don't have an open fire, recreate the feel by lighting some candles. Choose blankets and cushions that use traditional festive colours, combined with natural wood furniture. The warm colours in the Robin Throw are perfect for creating a snug, cosy atmosphere to see you through to spring.

robin throw on sofa makes cosy christmas decorations

However you choose to decorate your space, this year we will likely be spending a lot more time than usual in our own homes over the Christmas period. It is more important than ever to create an environment that brings you a sense of joy and peace, whatever else is going on in the world.