Wrap-up this Winter in a Wool Blanket Scarf, made in the UK

Wrap-up this Winter in a Wool Blanket Scarf, made in the UK


Bethan wears our wool blanket scarf uk


What better way to face the approach of winter than with a UK-made wool blanket scarf. This autumn, The British Blanket Company is launching a beautiful new range of luxury lambswool scarves... we are so excited to introduce them to you!

The soft, warm fabrics of our blankets are so tempting to wear that we have added these delightfully cosy blanket scarves so you can do just that. Now you don’t have to wait till you're home to snuggle up in a blanket! Take a slice of cosy with you as you venture out into the cold. 




A bit about our wool blanket scarves

The designs for this new autumn range draw inspiration from autumnal colours. Warm greys and deep, plummy reds combined with soft creams and coppers. The variety of different designs mean there is something to suit every taste and outfit choice.

The scarves are all rectangular in shape, making them easy to wear comfortably. They come in two sizes, costing £30 for the standard size, and £60 for the oversized scarf. On milder days, the standard size makes for a slimmer fit – easy to add to any outfit. The oversized scarves are the preferred choice as the weather turns colder and calls for something more substantial to keep out the chill.

British design for our blanket scarf

As with all our products, our wool blanket scarves are designed and made in the UK. We work with several gifted yarn producers and woollen mills around the British Isles, choosing companies with ethical policies and innovative design. The 'regular size' scarves are made from Lambswool and are woven at our mill in North Wales. The 'oversized blanket scarves' are woven in our Irish mill in County Donegal and have been truly designed for luxury. They are made using luxurious Merino Lambswool yarn, giving them a soft, smooth finish.

Lambswool is the wool from the very first shearing of a sheep, resulting in a far finer and more delicate texture than that of a mature wool. The term Merino refers to a particular breed of sheep, known for the quality of its very fine, crimped wool.

Out and about in Bristol     

Bethan wears wool blanket scarf beside clifton suspension bridge bristol uk

To showcase our new blanket scarfves, we chose Bristol, UK for our location shoot. The British Blanket Company was founded here in Bristol and we are passionate about our thriving hometown. As a city that celebrates art, culture and individualism, it has been an ideal place to launch our business. We are surrounded by host of other local Bristol independents, and it is great to be working alongside so many promising ventures.

It was exciting to take our new products out and about to some of our favourite city sights and locations. Bristol provided a beautiful backdrop for our shoot with its urban feel and trend-setting reputation. Check out the different blanket wearing styles demonstrating some of the options for how to wear a blanket scarf.

How to wear a blanket scarf

Thanks to their ample size, blanket scarves are incredibly versatile in the way they can be worn. Here are some of our favourite looks:

The classic single loop

This is the go-to style for a winter scarf and involves starting with the middle of the scarf at the front of your neck. Then, wrap each side around the back of your neck to hang down beneath it at the front. Easy, neat and very comfortable.

wool blanket scarf classic simple loop modelled in Bristol, UK

The loose drape

If you are pairing the scarf with a long coat, just drape your scarf around the back of your neck and leave both sides hanging down your front. This look really showcases the full design of the scarf.

joe wears wool blanket scarf draped over shoulderes

The casual over-the-shoulder

One step on from the drape, simply throw one half over the opposite shoulder, letting it hang down your back with the other half at the front. This look works well with thick, oversized scarves.

Oversized wool blanket scarf over the shoulder

The Euro knot

Another easy go-to, this “knot” involves folding the scarf in half lengthways, before wrapping it round your neck. Then tuck the loose ends through the loop on the other end and pull through.

bethan models how to wear wool blanket scarf in euro knot


How to wear a blanket scarf with a belt

An oversized blanket scarf can double-up as a shawl-come-coat with the simple addition of a  belt. This easy look is achieved by draping the full width of the scarf over your shoulders and adjusting so that the ends lie in equal length down your front. Then secure by fastening a belt over the scarf, around your waist. Flattering, cosy and stylish!

Bethan models how to wear blanket scarf with belt


However you choose to wear yours, we hope this wool blanket scarf range keep you warm this winter. Have a browse through our gorgeous new scarf designs to see which most takes your fancy.