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Design Spotlight: Grown-up Rainbow Interiors

rainbow throw against neutral wall for grown-up rainbow interiors

Since the world shut down in response to the pandemic, rainbows have appeared around the globe as a symbol of hope and solidarity. They represent our gratitude to the NHS and of frontline workers. They've put a smile on our faces when we needed it most. And if the popularity of our rainbow throw blanket is anything to go by, rainbows are making their way into our interior design too! It looks like rainbows are here to stay.


Rainbow Interiors

Bright colours and rainbows have long been associated with children and nursery design. But multi-coloured interiors are fast becoming on-trend for adults too. And for good reason. Radiant and joyful, these multi-coloured motifs can’t fail to lighten the mood in a room. They bring a sense of fun to your home, without needing to look juvenile.

So here are some ideas to help you bring rainbow colour schemes into your grown-up interiors. 


Rainbow motifs

These ageless motifs are an emblem of hope; of blue sky beyond the rainclouds - not to mention a pot of gold!

Brighten up your space with some cute rainbow motifs - a small rainbow in a picture frame, or a hanging ornament. It will add a whimsical element to your décor, without overpowering it. This hand-woven tassel rainbow sets the tone beautifully. 




Rainbow iridescence

Adding rainbows to your home doesn't have to be a permanent commitment . Rather than using paint, opt for coloured window films, stained glass or prisms. The sun shining through will fill your home with beautiful multicoloured light, adding joyful rainbow colours to even the most neutrally-decorated room.


Rainbow accents

No need to go all out with rainbow colours splashed across your walls and furnishings. Dabble in some subtle rainbow interior design by using soft furnishings or other accent pieces in a room. Our rainbow throw brings a splash of colour to this neutral room, working beautifully with some Penguin classics to offer a subtle nod towards a grown-up rainbow theme.


Colour co-ordinating

You can create your own rainbow interiors using colourful collections of household objects. Scour your local charity shops, or even repurpose items around the house to create an eye-catching display. Blogger Elsie Larson has transformed her breakfast room with a stunning collection of coloured glass, elegantly arranged in rainbow order.



Fashion your bookshelves

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” No one says it better than Dr Seuss. Books make a house a home, but they needn’t be just practical. Turn your book collection into your décor by colour coordinating your novels. Again, Elsie Larson leads the way with her gorgeous rainbow patterned bookshelves.


Tone it down

"Put off by bright rainbow colours? Reinterpret the trend by using a palette of more muted rainbow shades instead. For a restful look opt for pastel colours like mint, baby pink and lilac. Or, create a more sophisticated feel with chalky terracotta, rust and mustard tones."



Or don't...

If bold shades are your thing, go wild with primary colours. Colour blocking is high-impact and this living room is a masterclass. The mid-century light fitting is the statement piece here, with the key colours picked out for the walls, artwork, fabrics and tiles. The natural wood floor, works well to balance the colour scheme and prevent it from becoming overbearing.


Focus on your favourite colours

The great thing about a rainbows is they can go with any colour – literally. Whist you normally associate rainbow interiors with the classic, bold primary colours, there is no need to stick to the guidelines. Be creative in your colour palette and hues to match your colour scheme of choice. Once you buy a rainbow throw or other feature piece, you can add block coloured items to make your favourite shades stand-out.


Rainbow murals

A striking way to create a rainbow interior is to pick a feature wall and dust off the paint brushes. We love how the rainbow mural in this kitchen diner pops against the monochrome curtains and pale furniture. The rainbow colours are cleverly carried over to the tableware too. 


Again, rainbow doesn’t need to mean bold or overwhelming. You can opt for subtle hues or pastel colours to create a calming, soothing feel to your interior. If you don’t feel confident in your painting abilities, there are also plenty of great rainbow wall stickers and wallpaper to buy on the web.

Alternatively take the theme into the garden and paint rainbow stripes on your garden fence or decking.


Where to buy a Rainbow Throw

Here at the British Blanket company we love rainbows! We've made it our mission to stock the biggest array of colour choices when it comes to blankets and throws, offering throws in all the colours of the rainbow. In fact, our online shop is arranged around the colours of the rainbow to help you choose the perfect shade for your home.

If you are looking to dip your toes into the rainbow interiors trend, start small and buy a rainbow throw. Subtle yet colourful, we have designed our rainbow throws to capture the best of grown-up rainbow interiors. Pair it with a few colourful pieces around the room to pop when you walk in. 

We love the joy and fun that the rainbow trend is bringing to our home interiors. A multi-coloured theme that focuses on the brighter side of life. Whether you prefer popping bright colours, pastel tones or an iridescent glow, you are bound to find something to love about rainbow interiors.