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How To Style Your Rainbow Throw


In recent years, blankets have moved beyond their traditional use as an extra layer of warmth, to become truly multipurpose items. Used as throws for the sofa, the finishing touch to your bed coverings, or even worn fashion items, blankets have taken interior design by storm as an instant way to add colour and style. One of our most popular blankets at the moment is the rainbow blanket throw.

These past few months, rainbows have become a common theme in our homes and hearts. As a symbol of hope in difficult times, the rainbow trend is here to stay. And there are a range of wonderful ways to incorporate this theme into your interior design.

Our rainbow blanket design 

At The British Blanket Company, we value quality craftsmanship and beautiful natural wool. Our blankets are all designed and created here in the Britain Isles using traditional weaving techniques. The Rainbow Stripe throws are woven in North Wales in a family-run mill on the banks of the River Dee. Each blanket is carefully finished by hand to ensure they feel as lovely as they look.

rainbow blanket on the loom

The herringbone pattern is a design that has stood the test of time. It was first seen in Ancient Egypt, where it was used for intricate jewellery design. The rainbow colours of the blanket are woven with a grey weft, which makes the bold yarn shades more subtle. You'll see the individual yarn colours in the tasselled edge, which adds a bright and playful twist.

So, what is the best way to style this rainbow blanket in your house? Here are some of our favourite ideas.


Style up the sofa

Introducing a rainbow throw to the living room is an easy way to liven up the colour scheme. The most popular style choice is positioning it on a sofa or armchair. Yet this look can be surprisingly challenging to perfect. You may choose folding it over the arm, draping it faux-casually across the seat or hanging it over the back of the sofa. Whatever you decide, it is important to carefully select cushions that interact well with the throw, both in terms of texture and colour. Finally, draw out some of the rainbow pattern with colourful objects that pop around the room. A red candle, a blue vase, or a green lamp will tie the look together without overpowering.  

rainbow blanket throw on armchair

Blanket basket

A basket of warm, colourful blankets in the living room is a welcome addition on those chilly evenings. This is one of the easiest ways to style your rainbow blanket. Blankets can be rolled and stacked neatly, or simply thrown in when not in use, the more casual the better. You can choose a selection of different blankets that complement each other when they are piled together invitingly.


Hanging feature

Whilst hanging a throw on a wall works well with a bohemian design, blanket ladders are more fitting in Scandinavian, minimalist interiors. As well as being a signature feature within the room themselves, they are a good way to show off your rainbow throw when it is not in use.


End of the bed

With overnight visitors now allowed, you may be looking to to create a bright and summery guest bedroom. This is the year of the staycation, so holiday vibes in the home are needed. Lay the rainbow blanket throw flat across the foot of the bed or drape it casually over the bottom corner to add colour and texture to the room. Match the rainbow throw to white or grey bedsheets to give the room a splash of technicolour, whilst keeping the overall feel calm and soothing.

A reading nook

We love the idea of a reading nook in your house as a place to escape from the daily grind. In window seats, alcoves or even just the corner of a room, reading nooks create a whole new space of relaxation and introspection. They can also make a cosy feature in a nursery or child’s room. Once you have sought out the perfect spot, lay out your rainbow blanket with some carefully selected cushions, and set up a couple of bookshelves within arm’s reach. If you want, add a lamp or some fairy lights for an extra dose of Hygge.


Styling a child’s room using the rainbow throw

Bright rainbow colours bring a cheerful look to a child’s room and a rainbow throw makes a sweet addition. Whether hanging at the end of the bed or folded with cushions in a cosy corner, a blanket can quickly become a fort, a bed for sick teddies or something to snuggle in for bedtime stories. In a nursery, a warm blanket draped over a comfy chair will be a welcome extra layer during those middle of the night cuddles. Our smaller size Rainbow Throw is perfectly proportioned to wrap around your little one.

Balmy evenings in the garden

If there is one thing social distancing has brought us, it is a newfound appreciation of socialising outdoors, particularly in our gardens. These spaces can often be forgotten when it comes to hosting. Apart from – of course - the once a year BBQ when dad dons an apron and waxes lyrical about how to cook a burger. But with some festoon lighting, a crackling fire pit and some stylish blankets, you can create the perfect hosting environment, whiling away summer evenings in the garden with friends. A very welcome change after months of Zoom calls.

Picnics in the park

Keep your summer picnics colourful with a Rainbow Stripe Picnic Rug at its centre. These beautifully-made picnic rugs are designed to last a lifetime, so forget single-use plastic packaging and throw-away cutlery - this is the time to upgrade your picnic kit with sustainable alternatives. Invest in a classic wicker basket, bright cotton napkins and enamel picnic plates. Our picnic blankets with waterproof backing will protect you from damp grass - perfect for the British summer!

man carries rainbow stripe picnic throw

Sizes to suit your space

However you choose to style it, the rainbow blanket is a wonderfully versatile piece that looks as good on the end of a cot as it does on a garden chair. It comes in a variety of sizes - large, small or picnic blanket to work in whichever setting you prefer.


What our customers say about the rainbow throw

We love hearing from customers and its so satisfying to hear about our blankets being enjoyed in their new homes! Here's what some of our customers said about their rainbow throws


"I’ve been looking for a quality, bright & warm blanket and this ticks all boxes! Will definitely be buying more. Superb quality & brilliant service. Thank you" - Michelle S


"I ordered 4 of the rainbow Stripe for my caravan seats. I'm so pleased with the end result. The blanket is lovely quality. They were very helpful and answered my queries really well and quickly." - Olivia M


"I ordered the rainbow blanket for a dear friend..the blanket was beautifully wrapped with my message in it. The blanket is lovely and my friend loves the rainbow colours.Thank you Bethan for all your help. Excellent customer service." - Mrs C


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