Design Spotlight: Pink and Grey Rooms

Design Spotlight: Pink and Grey Rooms

Gone are the days when pink was confined to little girls’ bedrooms.

Sophisticated pink and grey rooms are all the rage and this can be a wonderfully elegant and comforting palette, especially for a bedroom.

Our brand new Special Edition Woodpigeon blankets combine the colours of this favourite British bird: smoky grey alongside blossom pink and teal. Together, these soothing colours make a throw that looks as cosy as it feels.

The colour combinations in our blankets are carefully designed to complement each other perfectly. So, if you are planning a fresh look for your home, why not use the Woodpigeon colour palette as inspiration for a beautiful pink and grey room design? Here are some of our tips for how to design a chic, calming look for your space.


Pink and grey room

Image: Printable Love Story

Fundamental to any room design is balance. You want your room to appear intentional and ordered, as opposed to thrown together at random. Balance does not necessarily mean that the room has to be symmetrical, although this can be a good place to start. When it comes to the colours, avoid one shade dominating the rest. Instead, opt for a balance between the colours in your scheme. If one is bolder than the other, this may mean using it in smaller quantities so that it does not dominate the rest of the palette.


Part of designing a successful room scheme is to create areas of focus and emphasis. If you don’t feel brave enough to paint all the walls pink, establish a block of pink instead as the central focal point. It could be a statement pink headboard for your bed, or alternatively a feature wall, either painted, panelled or wallpapered. Remember, pink doesn't have to be sugary - for a more grown-up feel choose one that is pale and chalky, such as 'Manna Ash' by Fired Earth or something more dusky, like Little Greene's 'Hellebore'.

The rest of the room can be painted in neutral tones – pale grey or off-white. You can then repeat your main colour using accent pieces around the room – pink lamps or bedlinen - to emphasise it further.

Colour contrast

Whilst a pink and grey room is a classic look, limiting your colour scheme to simply these two colours can appear a little flat. The addition of a rich, bold colour such as teal - like in our Wood Pigeon blanket - provides depth and contrast. Teal is on the opposite side of the colour wheel from pink, making it the perfect complimentary colour.

wood pigeon throw on wooden sofa
It is best to keep this accent colour to a minimum, drawing it out in small features such as cushions, candle holders or a picture. Teal should enhance, but not distract from the main pink and grey pairing.



Darkness and light

Another way to add an element of contrast to the colour scheme is in varying shades. In a pink and grey bedroom you can do this easily by including multiple shades of grey, from white all the way to black and anything in between. The contrasts between the dark and light shades will make your room feel distinctive, without the need for loud colours.

dark and light

Image: Luxibu Lu

Black and white photos or features will result in a vivid, striking contrast if that is what you are aiming for, whilst smaller variations of grey provide a softer look.

Mix-and-match bedlinen works beautifully for this look - styling the whole bed in a solid colour can become heavy and overwhelming. Choose subtly different tones of white, grey and pink for the sheets, duvet colours and pillowcases for a contemporary layered look. 


pink and grey bedroom inspiration

 Image: Dusk

Aim for your room to feel harmonised, with all the different elements working together. This room is a fresh, classic take with plenty of pink and grey bedroom ideas for inspiration. Simple white walls, floral highlights and muted colours draw the look together to feel harmonised and complete. 


Rhythm is another fundamental aspect of interior design. Use repetition of colour or shape throughout the room to create a sense of rhythm. This ties the whole room together as one, whilst adding variety and interest. Once you know the main colours in your scheme, you can repeat them in differing forms and textures.

Image: Dusk


Experiment with texture. From smooth glass or sleek metal furniture to soft blankets and plush rugs, aim to build up depth and variety through texture as well as colour. Padded headboards or textured cushions can soften the feel of the room, as well as pretty lightshades. Mood lighting will also highlight certain parts of the room and draw the eye to areas you wish to feature.
Meadow Check throw The British Blanket Company

Pink Meadow Check throw, The British Blanket Company

Planning your pink and grey room

Designing a new colour scheme for a room can transform it into a haven that you love spending time in. Using harmony, balance and repetition will make the space feel sophisticated and stylish, a result you can feel proud of. And of course, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to purchase the Woodpigeon Special Edition blanket as a centrepiece to your new pink and grey room. For more pink and grey decorating ideas, follow our ' A Pop of Pink' board on Pinterest.