Our top five interior colour combinations for winter

Our top five interior colour combinations for winter

Our top five interior colour combinations for winter

Cosy blankets and throws really come into their own in your home at this time of year, but have you thought about using them in unexpected colour combinations to lift your space? Pairing contrasting hues and textures can add fantastic warmth and depth to any interior. In this guide we’ll show you how to get creative with colour and go bolder with your wool blanket styling. Read on to find your new colour crush.

Buttercup and Duck Egg blanket layered on bed

Buttercup Yellow Herringbone Throw £68.99, XL Duck Egg Blue Signature Herringbone Throw £81.99, The British Blanket Company



Energise your home with colour clash throws

Interiors trends often have their origins in fashion. With the rise of maximalism and dopamine dressing, it makes perfect sense that we’re reaching for a vibrant, more-is-more approach to update our homes, too. It’s a wonderful way to make a space feel warm and upbeat throughout the colder seasons. 

Hesitant about using bold colours? Throws and blankets are the perfect accessories for experimenting with a trend. They are versatile décor accents that can easily be moved from room to room, making it easier than ever to try a splash of colour wherever you fancy. And as with getting dressed for autumn and winter, layering goes a long way in the home. Think of layering throws and blankets as an opportunity not only to warm up without reaching for the thermostat, but to play with colour pops. To up the visual contrast even more, pair different blanket weaves for maximum impact. Try layering one of our classic herringbone throws with a waffle style, windmill weave or check blanket in different colours.

How to layer up bold blanket colour combinations

Too bold? There’s no such thing. Blankets and throws are a soft and subtle accent to a room, so don’t be afraid to reach for the most striking colours in the bunch. Unlike colour on a wall, throws and blankets can be impactful without dominating. You can choose the most dramatic shades and put together unlikely colours knowing they’ll pop without overpowering. Your colour selection may vary depending on the room you’re using them in. To learn more about colour psychology and which shades best promote restful sleep, check out our bedroom colour guide

Different coloured throws layered up work equally well draped over a sofa, bed or armchair, or carefully folded within grabbing reach of your work-from-home set up. The only real challenge is which colours to choose. The British Blanket Company’s beautiful wool throws are designed in shades that harmonise so you can’t go wrong, but we’ve identified some pairings that will really sing. 

Buttercup, Silver Grey and Coral blankets
Buttercup Yellow Herringbone Throw £68.99, XL Silver Grey Signature Herringbone Throw £81.99, Coral Signature Herringbone Throw £68.99, The British Blanket Company

Blanket colour combinations to try

Forget the conventional colour rules like ‘blue and green should never be seen’. Here are five fresh colour combinations to try in your home this winter with blankets and throws. 

  1. Clashing colours – dive in with shades that seem like they don’t belong. Two or three bright or strong colours can play off each other brilliantly. Try: a pink blanket and red throw or blue throw and green blanket together. 
  2. Brights and neutrals – teaming the most vibrant, even spring-like tones with a grey blanket or cream throw looks so fresh. Try: cream blankets with amethyst purple throws or buttercup yellow. 
  3. Pastels with jewel colours – this is a fantastic way to add drama and intensity and can often give a mid-century feel. Try: a pale blue throw with a strong red, or warm orange blanket with mint green. 
  4. Monochrome and more – adding one other colour to a black throw and a cream throw gives a sophisticated Scandi look. Try: black and cream blankets with a primary colour like red or yellow. It’s a bold yet simple formula that looks great with any pared back décor. 
  5. The unexpected – this one’s a wild card. Take an anything goes approach and simply experiment with the colours you’re most drawn too. Try: a mustard yellow throw with raspberry pink, or dark green with orange. 
    Burgundy and Alpine Green blankets layered on sofa

    Burgundy Herringbone Throw £68.99, XL Alpine Green Signature Herringbone Throw £81.99, The British Blanket Company



    If you’re interested in growing your colour confidence, read The British Blanket Company's founder, Bethan’s, expert guide in experimenting with bold colours and interior design secretsMore is more. Layering colourful throws is sure to lift your home this winter, and keep you wonderfully cosy. Why not shop The British Blanket Company by colour and discover your favourite new hues today?