How wool blankets can help keep you warm this winter

How wool blankets can help keep you warm this winter

How wool blankets can help keep you warm this winter

There's no denying there's a nip in the air and most of us are looking for ways to keep our homes warm without turning the heating on this winter. The advice from money saving experts is to "heat the human, not the home" and snuggling under an extra warm wool blanket is one of the simplest ways to avoid reaching for the thermostat until you really have to.

In this guide, we'll find the best blanket to keep you warm in winter, so you can be more mindful of switching on the boiler when the temperature dips.

Wool is nature's wonder warmer, so it's the warmest material to cold-proof you and your family this season. Read on to find out:

  • Why wool keeps us warmer

  • How to stay warm in your home this winter

  • The benefits of winter blankets and lots of layers

Woman wrapped in Buttercup Signature Herringbone Wool Throw
Keep snuggly with warm wool and boost your mood with sunshine colours this winter

Why does wool keep us warm?

Wool is a unique natural textile unmatched for its insulating properties, which is why wool is so good at keeping us warm. 

Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool’s fibre structure features crimps and bends which trap pockets of warm air within the fabric. The open structure also allows moisture to evaporate and helps you to regulate a comfortable body temperature, especially at night. Try an extra large wool blanket over a double or king size bed for a toasty winter cocoon that you won’t overheat in.

Wool has been used by humans for over 10,000 years for its insulating properties. In fact wool blankets continue to be used by the army for their unmatched warmth and durability, even in icy and wet conditions – so rest assured – woollen winter blankets will see you through even the chilliest cold snaps. This is why all of the British Blanket Company's throws are made from 100% natural wool. 

Woman on bed with Sage Green and Dusky Pink Wool THrow
Dusky Pink and Pearl Herringbone Throw, £68.99, and Sage Green Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99, The British Blanket Company

How to stay warm and cosy in your home this winter

It's an age old household battle: one person's a little too warm while the other is freezing cold. They both reach for the thermostat and cold war (ahem) commences. Finding alternatives to central heating and warming individual people, rather than the whole home, could be the answer to keeping everyone comfortable. There's the added benefit of reducing the strain on your over-worked boiler and using your heating more sustainably, not to mention keeping energy bills within budget.

It’s very common to feel the cold when sitting still and you might be in need of ways to keep warm when you’re working from home. Cranking up the central heating means warming other rooms unnecessarily, so it may be more efficient to keep away draughts and chills by throwing a snuggly blanket around you. The British Blanket Company's small wool throws are affordable and perfect over your knees or around your shoulders when sitting at your desk.

Wearable blankets are popular this winter, but most are made in China from synthetic fabrics and pretty embarrassing to wear in public. If you’d prefer a stylish and natural wearable blanket, a soft merino wool blanket scarf from The British Blanket Company is the answer. Merino wool is a premium kind of wool which is very light, warm and soft. An oversized scarf can be styled as a shawl, pashmina or wrap and has the added benefit of looking smarter than a bobble hat during Zoom meetings too!

Similarly, as the nights begin to draw in and the temperature suddenly seems to plummet, firing up the boiler to heat the whole house for just an hour or two in the evenings can feel excessive. Instead, keep a couple of extra cuddly sofa blankets handy to wrap around you while cosying up with a steaming cup of coffee and the latest Bake Off.

British Blanket Company toffee signature herringbone wool throw with coffee cup
Toffee Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99, and Natural Oat Beehive Throw, £68.99, The British Blanket Company

The benefit of lots of layers

Remember when your granny told you that lots of layers are better than one? Well, unsurprisingly, she was right. If you layer up your clothing and top it off with a couple of soft, warm winter blankets you’ll be trapping warm air in between each layer and insulating yourself against cooler temperatures.

Don’t forget that floors are often the coldest bit of domestic homes, as they are closest to the exterior and usually the least well insulated. Banish the cold from your feet with a thick pair of woolly socks over a regular cotton pair, or some pure sheepskin slippers.

When you do decide to brave the outdoors, our wool blanket scarves can be quickly pulled on when bitter winter winds blast you and whipped off again when you step into stuffy central-heated buildings. If venturing out with little ones, our merino lambswool baby blankets are an ideal extra layer to pop over them when they’re being pushed along in prams or pushchairs.

Woman wearing Hyacinth Merino wool blanket scarf while walking outside
An oversized blanket scarf adds instant cosiness


By choosing pure wool blankets this winter, you and your family will protect yourselves from the worst of the cold season and keep warm and snuggly even through long frosty nights. You can avoid reaching for the thermostat at every chilly moment and unnecessarily heating the whole house by simply adding extra layers as and when you need them. Plus, they look gorgeous, too! 

Want to know more? Find out which of our wool blankets are warmest and softest and discover clever ways to stay cosy when working from home.