Guest bedroom styling ideas for a warm welcome

Guest bedroom styling ideas for a warm welcome

Guest bedroom styling ideas for a warm welcome this Christmas

The festive season is upon us, and it's time to prepare your home to welcome guests for Christmas. The guest bedroom is an area that's sometimes overlooked, but a few thoughtful touches can truly make overnight visitors feel comfortable, welcome and ready for a good night's sleep.

Today, we'll explore how to transform your guest bedroom into a warm and inviting Christmas retreat with some quick and easy styling ideas.

christmas guest room styling ideas
A warm and comfortable guest bedroom and a good night's sleep is the key to happy guests all Christmas long!
XL Fern Green Beehive Wool Blanket, from The British Blanket Company

Embrace warmth with wool blankets

Nothing says comfort like a high-quality wool blanket, and it's a versatile addition to your guest bedroom. Everyone prefers a different temperature when they sleep and layered bedding made from natural materials allows guests to get things just right. Fold a wool blanket over the bed or drape it over a chair for a pop of colour and instant warmth. Our British-made wool blankets are not only a stylish accessory but also a practical one, ensuring your guests stay snug during the chilly Christmas nights.

Deck the walls with festive prints

Infuse the spirit of Christmas into your guest bedroom by adding some festive wall art. Opt for classic Christmas motifs like holly, mistletoe, or even a charming Christmas tree print. These subtle touches can bring a festive vibe to the room without overwhelming the décor. If you're preparing the room last minute, simply tuck a sprig of fresh holly on top of your existing pictures for a quick festive touch.

How can I make my guest room extra special? 

To make your guest room extra special, focus on creating a warm and comfortable environment where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the day and recharge with a good night's sleep. Use high-quality bedding topped with wool blankets and provide soft lighting to create a cosy atmosphere. At Christmas time, add small but thoughtful touches like a flask of hot chocolate or a glass of brandy and festive biscuits for a nightcap. Lastly, a personal welcome note and a small bunch of winter flowers will make your guests feel truly appreciated and cherished.

Coordinated colour palette

When it comes to Christmas styling, stick to a coordinated colour palette. Traditional Christmas colours include deep reds, forest greens, and rich golds. Incorporate these hues into your guest bedroom through pillows, throws, or small decorative items. The warm, inviting colours will make your guests feel right at home.

Soft lighting for ambiance

Create a cosy and intimate atmosphere with soft, warm lighting. Swap out bright overhead lights for table lamps or fairy lights. A soft, gentle glow will make your guest bedroom feel like a haven of tranquillity during the Christmas season allowing guests to escape the hustle and bustle if they wish.

christmas guest bedroom how to decorate
Natural fibre bedding such as washed linen topped with pure wool blankets will help your guests find the perfect sleeping temperature for them
100% British Wool blanket and 100% British Wool cushion, both from The British Blanket Company


How can I dress the bed in my guest bedroom? 

Dress the bed in your guest bedroom with an eye for comfort and style. Start with a natural fibre duvet and pillows of varying sizes to make the bed look inviting. To get guests into a festive mood, add a winter-themed cushion with subtle motifs. A high-quality wool blanket folded over the bed or draped over a chair adds a pop of colour and instant warmth, allowing guests to adjust their sleeping temperature as needed. For more ideas, read our top 10 cosy bedroom ideas blog.

Thoughtful touches for a hotel-like experience

Don't forget the little extras that can make your guests' stay more comfortable. Offer a small flask of hot chocolate (or maybe even a glass of brandy) for a nightcap by the bedside and a few festive biscuits is a thoughtful gesture that adds to the Christmas spirit. 

Festive bedding and cushions

Give your guest bed a festive makeover with winter themed bedding or a Christmassy cushion or two. Checked patterns and minimal winter motifs, such as snowflakes or evergreen foliage prints, are a subtle nod to the season.

christmas guest bedroom warm welcoming finishing touches
Small but thoughtful finishing touches, such as some festive biscuits and a flask of hot chocolate will make your guests feel extra special


What bed linen should I choose for my guest bed? 

For your guest bed, opt for bed linen that is both luxurious and comfortable. High thread count cotton or soft washed linen are excellent choices as they are breathable and gentle on the skin. These materials not only provide a luxurious sleep experience but also add an elegant touch to the guest bedroom. The key is to select linens that feel indulgent and welcoming, ensuring your guests have a restful night's sleep.

Guest room finishing touches for a personal welcome

Simple yet personal finishing touches in a guest bedroom will make your visitors feel extra special. A selection of library books or magazines selected for their interests will offer a quiet retreat for your guests. A basket of toiletries and fluffy towels adds a hotel-like luxury - plus, someone is guaranteed to forget their toothbrush! Additionally, a small bedside table equipped with a lamp, scented candle, a carafe of water, and a few festive treats can instantly make the room feel homely and arranged with love.

Incorporating these ideas into your guest bedroom décor will ensure that your guests have a memorable and cosy Christmas stay. With the added warmth and style of pure wool blankets, you're not only creating a festive atmosphere but also ensuring your guests are comfortable and snug throughout their visit.

Remember, the key is in the details. Paying attention to the little things will create a welcoming ambiance that your guests will cherish, making their Christmas visit truly special. Wishing you and your guests a cosy festive season!