Why you can't beat wool blankets for natural warmth

Why you can't beat wool blankets for natural warmth

Why you can't beat wool blankets for natural warmth

As we fight the chill of winter and heating bills rise once again, finding cosy, cost-effective ways to stay warm at home is more important than ever. With energy prices jumping on 1st January 2024, with a typical household's annual gas and electricity bill increasing by £94, it's time to look for alternative warmth solutions.

Enter the humble wool blanket – the unbeatable champion of natural warmth.

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A colourful wool blanket will lift your spirits and help you stay warm naturally at home, without turning the heating up

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The Science Behind Wool's Warmth

Wool is truly a marvel of nature and its secret lies in its structure. Wool fibres are crimped, and when woven into a blanket, these crimped fibres create tiny air pockets. These pockets trap air, which the body warms up, creating a natural, insulated barrier against the cold. It's a bit like having a personal, portable heater that doesn't add a penny to your energy bill!


Why Woven Wool Works Wonders

The way traditional wool blankets are woven also plays a crucial role in their warmth. In woven blanket constructions, the lofty overlapping yarns help to trap even more warm air, enhancing the insulation. Whether you choose a herringbone, waffle or beehive weave, your wool blanket not only keeps you toasty but also allows your skin to breathe, preventing overheating – a perfect balance for comfortable, cosy evenings.


Staying Warm in Bed with Wool

For those chilly nights, there's nothing quite like slipping into a bed warmed by a wool blanket. Layering a wool blanket on top of your duvet can add a significant amount of warmth, without the heaviness. Wool's natural ability to regulate temperature means you stay comfortably warm throughout the night, without the risk of overheating.

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Wool blankets will help you sleep soundly in bed, keeping you at the perfect temperature all through the night

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Natural Wool Blankets vs Synthetic

While synthetic fibres might mimic the feel of wool, they don't quite match up in performance and comfort. Natural wool is superior in its temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties, helping you stay perfectly warm without that uncomfortable clammy feeling you might experience with blankets made from acrylic and polyester. Plus, while synthetic blankets are made from plastic, wool is sustainable and biodegradable, making wool blankets a choice you can feel good about – both for your home and the planet.


Adding Colour and Comfort to Your Home

Besides their practical warmth, wool blankets bring an element of joy and comfort to your home. On dreary January days, a splash of colour from a beautifully designed wool blanket can lift the spirits, making your space feel more inviting and snug. It's not just about physical warmth; it's about creating a space that feels like a warm embrace.


Wearable Warmth Solutions

At The British Blanket Company we aren't only dedicated to keeping your home warm, we're here to keep you warm wherever you go! Our wearable wool blanket wraps and oversized blanket scarves are the perfect solutions for staying snug on the go. Whether you're at home or out and about, these stylish, practical accessories ensure you stay warm in a way that's both elegant and effortless.

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Whether staying in or going out, The British Blanket Company has you covered! Our wearable blanket wraps are made from soft merino lambswool in a range of stylish colours

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The Ideal Thermal Blanket for Your Home

When searching for thermal blankets to keep warm, the qualities you're likely looking for are superior heat retention, comfort, and energy efficiency. Wool blankets, a timeless staple in home comfort, naturally embody all these features, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking the benefits of a thermal blanket.

Discover Natural Thermal Insulation with Wool

Wool is a remarkable natural insulator, making wool blankets a prime example of natural thermal blankets. The unique structure of wool fibres creates tiny air pockets when woven into a blanket. These pockets are key in trapping and retaining heat, providing a natural warmth that’s akin to the effect you’d expect from a high-quality thermal blanket. This means that by choosing a wool blanket, you're selecting a naturally efficient thermal insulator.

How Wool Blankets Adapt to Your Needs

One of the most compelling aspects of wool as a thermal material is its breathability and ability to regulate temperature. Unlike synthetic thermal blankets that might lead to overheating, wool maintains a comfortable warmth. It adjusts to your body temperature, ensuring that you stay cosy without getting too hot. This adaptability makes wool blankets a perfect all-season thermal blanket option.


In these times of rising energy costs, wool blankets offer a natural, efficient way to stay warm. They're a testament to the power of nature's own technology, combining science and style to keep us cosy. So as the temperature drops, wrap yourself in the natural warmth of a wool blanket, and stay snug and comfortable at home without the worry of increasing your next heating bill.

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