The best bedroom colours to make you sleep better and wake happy!

The best bedroom colours to make you sleep better and wake happy!

The best bedroom colours to make you sleep better and wake happy!

Choosing a colour for your bedroom is an important interior design decision but, did you know, bedroom colours can effect how well you sleep too? Today, we’ll be helping you find the best bedroom colours to make you sleep better and wake up full of energy.

When you feel calm and content, you’re more likely to fall asleep quickly. The colours in your bedroom can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or a night spent tossing and turning. Colour psychology experts found that some colours put us at ease, while others cause us to feel more alert.

Whether you’re picking bedroom paint colours for a full redecoration or simply adding a pop of colour with a cosy throw, these bedroom design ideas will help you understand how colour affects the circadian rhythm and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

blue bedroom inspiration colours to help you sleep
A palette of layered blue tones make this bedroom a restful and soothing place to nod off to sleep
Interior design by Mark Lewis

What colours are best to make you sleep better?

To give your brain the best chance of switching off, your bedroom should mimic the soft colours of twilight. The best bedroom colours for sleep are:

  • Blue
  • Sage green
  • Silver grey
  • Dusky pink
  • Mauve

Blue is perhaps the best colour for a bedroom as blue tones also tend to have calming effects on the brain. When we see blue the hypothalamus produces more of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Sleep quality can also depend on the shade of colour in your bedroom. Muted or pastel colours tend to be more relaxing so choose bedroom colours that are soft and chalky. Matt paint is also recommended for bedrooms because it absorbs light. Finally, consider painting your bedroom ceiling, as well as the walls, to make your bedroom into a cocoon for a restful night’s sleep.

sage green bedroom calm and restful bedroom ideas for better sleep
Sage green is not only one of the most popular bedroom colour trends, its blue-grey undertones also make it perfect for promoting restful sleep
Interior design by Studio Rey


What colours are worst for bedrooms?

Vibrant colours are bad for bedroom décor as they make us feel energetic and alert. The worst colours for bedrooms if you want to sleep well are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Bright pink
  • Purple
  • Sombre neutrals

Red is a probably the worst colour for bedrooms because it’s an invigorating colour that increases heart rate and brain activity. Some colour psychologists also suggest avoiding sombre neutrals, like dark grey and brown, particularly if you sleep badly due to worry or depression.

orange bedroom ideas and inspiration
According to colour psychologists, orange is the colour of motivation, drive and problem-solving, so an orange bedroom may prevent the mind from switching off at bedtime
Interior design by Annalise at Number 9


What bedroom colours make you feel happy?

You might be surprised to learn that feeling extremely happy at bedtime is not ideal, as the chemicals produced by your brain can make you feel giddy and restless. If you don’t have trouble sleeping, but lack energy when you wake, these are the best bedroom colour schemes to improve your mood:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lilac
  • White

Painting your bedroom walls with a bright colour may be too intense, so instead, introduce uplifting colours to your bedroom as an accent. Wall art, cushions or yellow throws all make it easy to add a pop of colour to your bedroom without the commitment of redecorating.

yellow bedroom design ideas and inspiration
This yellow bedroom is sunny and cheerful but, if you struggle to sleep, a bold yellow wall might prevent you from relaxing. Instead, introduce bright colours to the bedroom with accessories such as cushions and blankets
Walls in Lemon Pie by Dulux

Where to find more bedroom colour ideas

We love bringing you the best bedroom colour inspiration on our Pinterest boards. Personally curated by The British Blanket Company's co-founder Bethan, our board Beautiful Rooms: Bedrooms has more than 500 bedroom interior design ideas. Make sure you follow on Pinterest for a daily digest of interiors inspiration.