What size blanket should I choose?

What size blanket should I choose?

What size blanket should I choose?

Are you looking for an extra large cosy throw that won’t come up short on your king-sized bed? Or are you after a small, soft coverlet for a child’s cot? One of the key questions our customers ask is how to choose the best size of blanket for a specific room or space. In this article we'll help you decide:

  • What size blanket to buy for the bedroom and large beds

  • What size throw to buy for the living room

  • What size blanket to buy for a baby or child

  • What size blanket to buy for on the go

  • What type of blanket to use outdoors

  • What size blanket is best for gifting

The British Blanket Company's British-made wool blankets and throws come in lots of different styles, from cute baby blankets to gigantic XL throws, and it’s easy to search by size on our website. All our blankets have the dimensions listed, so if in doubt, whip out a tape measure, but here are some handy pointers to get you started. 

The British Blanket Company toffee herringbone throw and natural oat beehive throw
Toffee Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99, and Natural Oat Beehive Throw, £68.99, The British Blanket Company

What size blanket for a king-sized bed?

When choosing blankets for king-size beds - or simply a luxurious look on a double - our bespoke extra-large throws will give just the right amount of drape. They measure 230cm in length, (including tassels). These bigger blankets are designed to sit right across the end of a large bed and give a generous drape of sumptuous wool softness on each side. Some of our king size blanket colours are also available in a super-soft merino lambswool finish, which are great for two people to snuggle together under on the sofa!

Our large blankets, measuring 150cm x 183cm, are also incredibly versatile, and are a brilliant choice if you’re looking for the perfect throw for a standard double bed.

All our 100% wool blankets or throws can be styled to enhance the look of your bed – pairing unexpected colour combinations can be a great way to create a unique look. If you need some blanket styling tips, check out our interior designer’s ideas.

Bed with The British Blanket Company duck egg blue signature throw and sage green signature herringbone throw
Duck Egg Blue Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99 and Sage Green Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99, 
The British Blanket Company

What size throw for a sofa? 

Layering fabrics in your living room really helps cosy things up, as well as introducing a new colour palette. Our blankets not only make things more snug, they’re also great practical accessories to keep off the early autumn chill. Liven up a plain chair with one of our smaller armchair throws, transforming it into a cosy reading corner or a spot for a quiet cuppa.

Our wool throws also look great rolled up on the edges of window seats or nestled in a basket in the living room. When the evening gets chilly your sofa throws and wool blankets will be ready and waiting to offer the extra warmth you need.

A larger sofa is a great fit for one of our large or extra-large throwovers. Fold one over the back of the sofa to add a warming block of colour behind a selection of cushions, or layer smaller throws over the seat for an extra colour pop. 

Dusky Pink Signature Herringbone Throw from The British Blanket Company arranged on a neutral sofa
Dusky Pink Signature Herringbone Throw, £68.99, The British Blanket Company

What size blanket should I buy for a baby or child?

Our new super-soft merino wool baby blankets are the perfect gift for a little one. The blankets measure 126cm x 72cm, so are big enough to easily tuck around the edge of a mattress or to keep little legs warm in a pushchair. They’re also made from 100% merino wool, giving them a beautiful drape and cosy feel that babies and toddlers will love.

If you’re looking for a throw for a child’s bedroom, our small throws, most of which measure around 70 x 183cm, are just the right size to hang over the end of a single bed. The Rainbow Stripe Herringbone is a firm favourite for 2022 older kids will love the bright colours and fun tassels!

Sharky merino lambswool baby blanket
Sharky Merino Lambswool Baby Blanket, £45.99, 
The British Blanket Company

What blanket should I buy for when I’m on the go?

Our luxury lambswool scarves are soft and warm, so perfect for nestling into when the temperature starts to dip. For extra versatility, choose from our collection of oversized blanket scarves, measuring 74cm x 220cm, which double up as knee or shoulder warmers in draughty offices or on the train on your morning commute. Think of our oversized scarves as a blanket you can wear out and about!

Go for a bright colourway, such as Red Apple or Hyacinth, to liven up a dark winter coat, or try sophisticated greys and neutrals to suit all occasions.

Hyacinth Merino Wool Oversized Blanket Scarf by The British Blanket Company worn by woman outside florist
Hyacinth Merino Wool Oversized Blanket Scarf, £59.99, 
The British Blanket Company

What type of blanket should I use outdoors?

No matter the season, picnicking Brits know there’s a good chance that the ground will be soggy, so a large, waterproof picnic blanket will serve you well year round. The tough waterproof layer will protect from damp and the wool top layer offers a comfy surface to rest on. Our picnic blankets measure 145cm x 183cm, roomy enough to fit your nearest and dearest. They also fold up neatly and come with a useful carry strap for transporting.


Our small throws are also very popular for styling outdoor seating and dining areas, and even around the firepit. As summer transitions to autumn, an outdoor blanket is just what you need to extend your ability to dine alfresco and squeeze every last moment out of summer! Have a look through our small throws suitable for outdoors and choose your favourite. - just remember to bring them indoors at the end of the night.


What size blanket should I buy as a gift?

A British-made wool throw or blanket makes a unique gift to cherish for years. Think about the friend or relative you’re buying for – their personality, the clothes they wear and the home they live in. Are they in a bijou apartment or do they love to travel? A small blanket is still a luxury gift that they can take with them or fold over the arm of their favourite chair. 

For a special birthday or a thank you gift to remember, The British Blanket Company large and extra large blankets are super-versatile and come in a wide range of colours, while a friend with great fashion sense will love one of our oversized blanket scarves. For more inspiration, read our guide to the perfect cosy gifts for any occasion.

The British Blanket Company parcel in hands
As the cold weather sets in, cosy blanket gifts of any size will be received with glee

For more information on The British Blanket Company sizes, have a look at our blanket size guide. You can find answers to frequently asked questions online too.