7th Anniversary Gifts - show your love with wool

7th Anniversary Gifts - show your love with wool

7th Anniversary Gifts wool anniversary gifts The British Blanket Company

The tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts made from different materials can be traced back to medieval Germany, where the wife was presented with a silver wreath to congratulate her on 25 years of marriage. On the 50th anniversary, the wife received a wreath of gold. 

In England, the tradition took off from the Victorian period and gradually the number of symbols expanded to assign gifts to each year of married life. The currently accepted list has some variations between countries but, in the UK and USA alike, the 7th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with wool gifts.

Wool throw The British Blanket Company

Wool symbolises comfort, warmth, durability and security, which makes it a lovely gift to celebrate seven years side-by-side. Wool blankets are a perfect seventh anniversary present. Choose a cosy throw for snuggling under if you're celebrating an autumn or winter anniversary, or a luxury wool picnic rug for anniversaries celebrated in spring or summer.

Wool anniversary 7th anniversary gift wool picnic rug The British Blanket Company

The British Blanket Company specialises in British-made wool blankets, so is a great place to find 7th anniversary gifts. All are traditionally woven from pure wool or supersoft merino lambswool (a luxury choice to avoid the seven year itch!). There are designs to suit both women and men, so visit our online shop to see the beautiful wool blankets we have available, all with free UK delivery.

Here is a full list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: