Long Weekend Luxury: plan the perfect Easter at home

Long Weekend Luxury: plan the perfect Easter at home

Long Weekend Luxury: plan the perfect Easter at home

With the long Easter weekend on the horizon, we are all about embracing those cosy, cherished moments at home. Here's our guide to adding a sprinkle of indulgence and a splash of warmth to your Easter plans, all wrapped up in the comfort of a colourful wool blanket.

smiling woman in bed covered in a blue spotty wool blanket from The British Blanket Company
Embrace the simple luxury of a long weekend lie-in with a cosy wool blanket and your favourite brew... bliss!


The Ultimate Easter Breakfast in Bed

Imagine waking up to the soft morning light, cocooned in a luxurious wool blanket. Now, add a breakfast tray with all the trimmings: a freshly toasted hot cross bun, some artisan preserves, and a pot of your favourite tea. It's these small touches that transform a simple breakfast in bed into a feast fit for Easter.


Thoughtful Gifts Beyond the Easter Eggs

Yes, Easter chocolates are a treat, but why not give something that lasts longer than that fleeting sugar rush? A colourful British-made wool blanket is the kind of gift that keeps on giving, offering a warm hug on a chilly evening or a splash of colour on a drab day.

bowl of colourful mini eggs on a rainbow stripe wool blanket from The British Blanket Company
Long after the Easter eggs have been eaten, a colourful wool blanket is a gift that brings lasting style and warmth to your home


Creating Memories Together

Easter's a perfect time for creating new traditions. If the weather's fine, get outdoors for the first picnic of the year, complete with a spread of nibbles and and your trusty picnic rug? Ours have a waterproof backing, because this is the UK after all! Visit the National Trust website to discover picnic spots near you with its handy date selector to check your choice is open over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.


Decorate Your Home For Easter

A touch of greenery can work wonders in making your home feel like a springtime haven. A few sprigs of blossom, a bowl of flowering bulbs, and a pastel wool throw casually draped over a chair instantly add pretty spring colour and a fresh feel.

contemporary desk set up with a chair draped in a pastel rainbow stripe wool blanket from The British Blanket Company
Even the plainest of rooms can be brightened in an instant with the addition of a colourful wool blanket. It's the perfect way to try out a new colour for spring without the commitment of redecorating


Easter Gifting with The British Blanket Company

This Easter, let us be a part of your family's celebration. Our blankets are a gift that lasts long after the chocolate eggs are eaten, bringing a touch of warmth and luxury to Sunday mornings all year round.