New Wildweave wool blankets bring warm natural colours into your home

New Wildweave wool blankets bring warm natural colours into your home

New Wildweave wool blankets bring warm natural colours into your home 

Feeling cosy is so much more than just being warm. Cosy is coming home, cold and wet after an autumn walk. Pulling on thick, dry socks. That first sip of a hot cup of tea. A fire flickering in the grate. And a soft wool blanket, wrapping you up like a warm hug.

Inspired by the simple pleasures and glorious colours of autumn, we’re delighted to introduce Wildweave, the latest special edition wool blanket collection from The British Blanket Company. Read on to learn more about what makes the Wildweave collection special.

the british blanket company stack of wildweave warm natural wool blankets in arms
The British Blanket Company's new Wildweave collection includes four tone-on-tone colourways, inspired by nature


What was the inspiration behind the Wildweave collection?

For many of us, autumn is the most beautiful season of all in Britain, so we wanted to design a range of blankets with all the simple pleasures of autumn woven in. The Wildweave blankets are a celebration of autumn in all its glory, with natural colours as their inspiration.

Warm blankets are really important to help keep cosy indoors this year, so we’ve made the Wildweave Collection in both our large blanket and extra-large blanket sizes for king size beds. And of course, they have all the quality, heritage and sustainability that comes with making woven wool blankets in the UK.

the british blanket company nature inspired decor wood cabin with Wildweave natural wool blankets on bed
Layer Wildweave wool blankets with other natural materials like wood, linen and leather to bring texture and warmth to your décor


How did you pick the natural colours for the blankets?

To capture nature’s subtle shades, our Yorkshire dye house has created eight bespoke yarns exclusively for us. Each Wildweave blanket pairs two tone-on-tone colours, with a deeper shade in the weft and a lighter shade in the warp, edge and tassels. The interplay of colours across the woven diamond pattern gives these blankets a mesmerizing depth, seeming almost to move as they drape.

Follow the call of the wild, and choose your favourite:

  • Blackberry and Heather
  • Juniper and Moss
  • Midnight and Dusk
  • Rowan and Beech


The British Blanket Company wildweave wool blankets blue and rust red on a bed
The British Blanket Company woman holding blankets from the natural wool wildweave collection
Each Wildweave blanket incorporates two rich shades in the warp and weft, creating a pattern with depth and movement. Contrasting tassels complete the design

Ways to style Wildweave blankets with natural home décor colours

If you love to be inspired by the colours of nature in your home, adding a Wildweave wool blanket will enhance your natural palette even further. The four blanket colourways have been designed to work beautifully with all the natural materials in your home. Layer a thick wool Wildweave blanket over real linen bedlinen to create a cosy nest to while away Sunday mornings, or style your blanket on the sofa to bring soft texture to wood floors and furniture. Finishing touches for your natural home décor can be as simple as a pot of heather or sprigs of autumn leaves and dried seedheads, casually arranged in a jar.

The British Blanket Company wildweave collection purple wool blanket on a bed with woman waking up
The British Blanket Company wildweave natural warm wool blanket purple
Woven in Yorkshire from pure natural wool, the blankets are warm, snuggly and sustainable too


Where are the Wildweave blankets made in the UK?

Here at The British Blanket Company we’re passionate about weaving all our wool blankets and scarves in the UK and Ireland, and the Wildweave collection is no exception. Britain’s woollen mills have made the best quality and most sustainable wool blankets for generations, so we’re not going anywhere else!

The Wildweave journey begins in Yorkshire where the wool is dyed and spun into yarn, before travelling just a few miles to the mill. This glorious honey-stone mill has been weaving wool cloth since 1783, with many of the hand-crafted skills that go into making a blanket unchanged for generations. Finally, the blankets travel to North Wales where they’re cut and labelled.

The British Blanket Company wildweave red red blanket rolled on a rucksack for autumn walk
The British Blanket Company four autumn colour wool blankets from Wildweave collection on a stone wall
Soft enough for indoors and robust enough for outdoors, the Wildweave collection is designed to help you follow the call of the wild! Add our leather blanket straps to your blanket for easy autumn adventures


Are the Wildweave wool blankets warm?

Yes, the Wildweave blankets feel very thick and warm. This is because we’ve lovingly crafted them from the finest pure wool yarns. Wool traps pockets of air between the fibres, creating blankets that feel cosy and substantial, without being too heavy. Whether you wrap up on the sofa, add an extra layer to your bed or take your new blanket on an autumn picnic, these blankets are soft, snug and sustainable, all thanks to the natural wonder of wool.

The Wildweave Collection comes in both large and extra sizes for added warmth. Choose the large blanket size for a double bed, or to generously wrap up one person. Or, grab an XL blanket for a king size bed, or for two people to snuggle under together on the sofa. Here's more advice to help you decide which size blanket you should choose.

The British Blanket Company blue wool blanket from natural wildweave collection and woman drinking tea
The British Blanket Company blue natural wool blanket Wildweave collection
Wool blankets feel as good as they look, because warm air pockets are trapped between the fibres to help keep you cosy on cold days

You can buy the Wildweave wool blankets from The British Blanket Company online shop now with free delivery from our Bristol HQ. The Wildweave collection is woven in small batches and the first release is available in October 2022.