Why you deserve a king size wool blanket for your bed

Why you deserve a king size wool blanket for your bed

Why you deserve a king size wool blanket for your bed

If you're feeling chilly at night and are looking for a snuggly wool bed blanket the good news is, you've already found the right place!

At The British Blanket Company, we take great pride in crafting high-quality woven wool blankets right here in Britain and Ireland with the best choice of colours and patterns you'll find anywhere online. Our range includes small, large, and XL sizes, but today, we'd like to shine a spotlight on why your next wool blanket should be an XL king size.

happy woman sitting on a bed styled with green and pink XL king size wool blankets from The British Blanket Company online
When your bed is warm and your bedroom is stylish, you will wake up feeling more positive and refreshed. A colourful king size wool blanket is so quick and easy to add, but can make all the difference


5 Reasons to Choose an XL King Size Wool Blanket for Your Bed

1. Generous Drape for King Size Beds

One of the standout features of our XL size blankets is their extended length, offering a more generous drape down the sides of king-size beds. Picture the scene: you've upgraded your bed from a double to a luxurious king size, and now you want your bedding to match that level of comfort. Our XL king size wool blankets perfectly complement larger bed dimensions, creating a visually pleasing and harmonious look in your bedroom.

2. Make Your Bedroom Look Amazing

A well-dressed bed is a must for a luxurious bedroom, and the simple addition of an XL wool blanket can be the finishing touch your bedroom needs. The extra fabric generously cascades down the sides of your king-size bed, adding a touch of elegance to your sleeping space. The result is a bed that feels inviting, comfortable, and gorgeous, turning your bedroom into a haven of warmth and style.

bed generously styled with XL king size wool blankets in dusky pink and sage green by The British Blanket Company online shop
If your bedroom décor needs a pop of colour, a pure wool blanket is a stylish and practical way to enhance your king size bed in an instant

3. More Blanket = More Value for Money

Investing in an XL wool blanket from The British Blanket Company means you're getting more for your money. Not only do you enhance the visual appeal of your bed, but you also enjoy the practical benefits of a larger blanket. It's not just about looks; it's about comfort and functionality. Snuggling under a generous king sized wool blanket on a chilly evening is a true luxury that you deserve.

4. Blankets for King Size Beds are Hard-to-Find

XL size blankets for king size beds are a rarity in the market, and The British Blanket Company is proud to offer the widest range of wool blankets online in this size. We understand that our customers seek uniqueness and quality in their bedding choices so our bigger XL blankets are woven with in Britain to give you beautiful blankets in designs and colours that you won't find elsewhere.

5. Free UK Delivery Offer

As an added bonus, every XL blanket purchased from The British Blanket Company qualifies for free UK delivery. We want to make the experience of owning our premium wool blankets as convenient and accessible as possible. No hidden fees or surprises, just quality products and caring service from a family company from start to finish.

So, when it comes to upgrading your bedding, choosing an XL king size wool blanket from The British Blanket Company is a decision that combines both aesthetics and practicality. With their generous drape, aesthetic appeal, natural warmth and unbeatable value, our XL blankets are the perfect addition to your king-size bed.

happy woman in bed receiving a parcel from The British Blanket Company and sitting on a xl king size wool blanket in bright colours
Receive free UK delivery on XL king size blankets at The British Blanket Company, with over 40 extra large wool blanket styles to choose from online

Explore our wide range of XL wool blankets today and experience the luxury of British and Irish craftsmanship. Improve your sleep and make your bed a statement piece in your home. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring warmth and style to your bedroom while enjoying free UK delivery.

Upgrade to XL and find out why bigger is better in the world of king size blankets!

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