Pure wool or merino lambswool... what's the difference?

Pure wool or merino lambswool... what's the difference?

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What's so great about wool?

Wool really is the most amazing material! You probably know that wool is lovely and warm, but did you know it's also hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, eco-friendly, biodegradable, odour-resistant and temperature-regulating too? These are the reasons we love weaving all our blankets from wool.


Pure wool or merino lambswool - what's the difference?


Pure wool comes from the fleece sheep naturally produce every year. Our blankets are woven from 'pure new wool' which means it is not blended with other fibres or recycled. Pure wool is graded by the quality of the fibre, rather than the breed of sheep, so can be blended from several different breeds.


What do pure wool blankets feel like? 
  • Thick and chunky
  • Fluffy
  • Soft



Lambswool is wool taken from the first shearing of the sheep, usually around seven months of age. Merino is a breed of sheep whose wool has especially soft, long and fine fibres, which are uniquely crimped to hold warmth while remaining lightweight. Merino lambswool is considered the finest of all.


What do merino lambswool blankets feel like?
  • Light and drapey
  • Smooth
  • Extra soft


Which is best for me?

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Why not use British wool?

Most British wool is not very good for making soft and cosy throws. Because of the harsh British climate, our native sheep tend to have coarse fleeces which are too rough for making blankets. Most British wool is used in the carpet industry or for insulation. Instead, we use quality wool from New Zealand and South Africa which have very high animal welfare standards. The fleece is dyed, spun and woven in Britain and Ireland.


Need more advice?

We're always happy to help with any questions you have when choosing your perfect throw. Whether you'd like to know more about the materials or some design advice, you can drop us an email. Find our full range of blankets, throws and picnic rugs at www.thebritishblanketcompany.com and shop by colour.