We’ve answered a few of the most commonly asked questions about choosing and caring for our blankets.

If you have other questions please contact us – we are always happy to help.


What size are the throws? Will they fit on my bed?

The dimensions of our blankets are clearly shown on the individual product pages. 

Mattresses vary a lot in size, so we recommend you check the measurements of your chosen blanket before purchasing. However, as a guide, a standard UK double mattress (4’6”) measures 135cm wide and 190cm long. 


Do the blanket measurements include the fringe?

Yes, the dimensions stated in the product descriptions do include the fringed edge, where shown. The tassels are usually about 10cm long.


Is my blanket machine washable?

In each product description you will find a 'Care Instructions' link with specific laundry information for that particular throw. It's important to follow the care instructions to keep your throw looking its best.

  • Pure wool blankets are machine washable on a cold cycle with no spin. We recommend that you use a mild detergent specially formulated for wool. Remove promptly from the machine, dry flat and do not wring. Never tumble dry as this will cause shrinkage. Blankets should be washed separately to avoid snagging.
  • Merino lambswool blankets should be dry cleaned to ensure they always look their best. 
  • Picnic blankets can be machine washed on a cold cycle, but without any detergent. You can also re-spray the backing periodically with a waterproofing agent (the sort designed for raincoats and tents) to renew the waterproof finish.


How can I remove loose fibres / bobbles?

Some of our fluffier styles may shed loose fibres initially, but this will decrease over time and after the first wash (see above). You can use a lint roller periodically to gently remove loose fibres from the surface. When loose fibres felt together, they can form small bobbles (pilling). To remove bobbles, gently use a pilling comb across the surface, taking care not to snag the fabric. Bobbles will form more readily in areas of higher wear or friction, such as the seat and back of a sofa. As with all wool products, loose fibres and pilling should be expected as part of normal wear and tear and not considered a fault.


What are armchair throws?

Armchair throws are smaller versions of our most popular blanket designs. The 70cm x 183cm size is perfect as a knee rug, around your shoulders, or as a runner at the end of the bed. Click here to shop Armchair Throws.


What is the FINEST collection?

These extra-special blankets are made from luxurious fibres, including super-soft merino lambswool. The FINEST collection at The British Blanket Company is your source of beautiful throws that feel gorgeous to the touch. These luxury throws are the softest in our range. Click here to shop Finest Throws, or look for the crown symbol.


Do you ship outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes, we deliver to USA, Canada and Australia. Please see our Delivery Page for full details of our international delivery destinations and prices.

Our European delivery is currently on hold as due to the disruptions caused by Brexit, but we hope to have this back up and running shortly.

We offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses.


Where are your blankets made?

Right here in the British Isles. We work with three fantastic traditional woollen mills in Yorkshire, Wales and Ireland.


Are your blankets made from British wool?

Most British wool is not ideal for making soft and cosy throws. Because of the harsh British climate, our native sheep tend to have coarse fleeces which can be too rough for making blankets. Most British wool is used in the carpet industry. Our full-size blankets are made from premium-quality wool and lambswool from New Zealand and South Africa. 


Is your merino wool mulesing-free?

Yes. The wool and merino lambswool used to make our blankets is sourced from New Zealand and South Africa. Both countries have high animal welfare standards and ban the practice of mulesing.


Is wool environmentally friendly?

Wool is produced by sheep that roam freely outdoors. Each sheep produces a new fleece each year and they require annual shearing to keep them comfortable and healthy. Unlike synthetic fibres, which are made from petro-chemicals and plastic, wool is completely natural. This means wool is biodegradable and naturally disintegrates on the land or in our marine environment, leaving zero trace within a short time frame.


Do you have a shop I can visit?

Not yet! However, we do regularly pop-up at markets and events throughout the year, including The Frome Independent in Somerset. Please join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in the loop.


Other questions?

We’d love to hear from you and would be delighted to help you choose your perfect blanket. Please email contact@thebritishblanketcompany.com. You can also call 0845 474 2747 or 0845 474 1747 (9.30am – 5pm).