Soft Grey and Red Waterproof Picnic Blanket With Straps

Care Instructions

100% Wool Top with 100% Polyester Backing | 145 x 183cm
Made in Britain


Whether picnicking on the beach or enjoying Proms in the Park, our luxury picnic rug is the perfect companion. Sit comfortably on this pure wool blanket in smart soft grey and red herringbone, knowing you're protected from damp ground by the durable waterproof canvas backing. Finished with genuine leather carry straps. An inspired gift that will last a lifetime.


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Care Instructions - Picnic Rugs
Our waterproof-backed picnic blankets can be machine washed on a cold cycle, but without any detergent.
You can also re-spray the backing periodically with a waterproofing agent (the sort designed for raincoats and tents) to renew the waterproof finish.
With love and care, your blanket will last for many years.