Gift box + blanket pairings for genius-level gifting

Gift box + blanket pairings for genius-level gifting

Gift box + blanket pairings for genius-level gifting

Finding the perfect gift is an art form - a thrilling quest to capture all your warmth and affection in a beautifully-wrapped package. At The British Blanket Company, we understand the joy and satisfaction that comes from assembling the perfectly thought-out cosy gift box.

Before starting The British Blanket Company our co-founder Bethan John gained 10 years of experience crafting Christmas gift guides for top interiors magazines, and brings an expert touch to every selection. Each item in our range has been hand-picked by Bethan with thoughtfulness in mind, ensuring your Christmas shopping is easy and meaningful.

This year, let us guide you through the art of inspired gift box curation, with our favourite blanket pairings that are guaranteed to make you a gifting genius. Whether for a cosy night in or a festive celebration, our pairings are designed to impress and express your love this Christmas!

cosy gift boxes The British Blanket Company


How to create the ultimate cosy blanket gift box

There are two ways to create the perfect cosy gift box at The British Blanket Company. To build-your-own simply start with the blanket of your choice, add our colourful gift box to your basket then select a range of cosy gift ideas. Or, to make Christmas shopping even simpler, start with our curated Cosy Gift Box Selections, which includes a themed selection of gift items packed in a gift box - all you need to do is select the perfect blanket from our range to pop into the box and voila... genius-level gifting is yours!

Coffee Lover Cosy Gift Box + Black Coffee Herringbone Blanket

Imagine sipping on exquisite single-origin coffee, enveloped in the warmth of the Black Coffee Herringbone Blanket. This pairing marries the rich, deep notes of premium coffee, included in the Coffee Lover Gift Box, with the elegant and cosy embrace of the blanket, creating a moment of sensory indulgence perfect for any coffee enthusiast.

cosy gift box coffee The British Blanket Company

Cosy Gift Box: Coffee Lover Selection



Chocoholic Cosy Gift Box + Juniper and Moss Green Wildweave Blanket 

Dive into a chocolate fantasy with the Chocoholic Gift Box, where each bite of the artisanal Isle of Skye sea salt and gin & tonic chocolate bars is a journey of flavour. Cleverly paired with the Juniper and Moss Green Wildweave Blanket, this combination transports the lucky recipient into a haven of indulgence and natural beauty.

chocolate cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

 Cosy Gift Box: Chocoholic Selection



Tea Break Cosy Gift Box + Lavender Purple and Grey Herringbone Blanket 

The Tea Break Gift Box, with its organic earl grey tea and Wild Fig and Amber jar candle, offers a serene escape. When paired with the Lavender Purple and Grey Herringbone Blanket, this pairing creates a picture of tranquillity, surrounded by gentle purple hues soft hug of 100% wool.

tea cosy gift box The British Blanket Co

 Cosy Gift Box: Tea Break Selection



Christmas Cosy Gift Box + Alpine Green Signature Herringbone Blanket

Embrace the magic of the festive season with the Christmas Gift Box, featuring the comforting aromas of spiced orange and gingerbread. When coupled with the Alpine Green Signature Herringbone Blanket, this pairing creates a festive wonderland, evoking memories of a warm cabin amidst snow-dusted pine trees.

christmas cosy gift box The British Blanket Company

 Cosy Gift Box: Christmas Selection



Me Time Cosy Gift Box + Cream Supersoft Merino Herringbone Blanket 

Indulge in the luxury of self-care with the Me Time Gift Box, complete with cream lambswool bed socks and a soothing Fresh Linen and Jasmine amber jar candle. This selection, when paired with the elegant Cream Supersoft Merino Herringbone Blanket, creates an oasis of calm that's soft on all the senses.

me time relaxing cosy gift box

 Cosy Gift Box: Me Time Selection



Night In Cosy Gift Box + Cedar Green and Mustard Herringbone Small Blanket

Picture a serene evening by the fire, enhanced by an aromatic Fireside candle and sweet toasted marshmallows from the Night In Gift Box. Add in the comforting embrace of the Cedar Green and Mustard Herringbone Small Blanket, and you have the perfect setting for a soul-soothing retreat amidst the warm colours of the forest and flickering firelight.

cosy gift box fireside The British Blanket Company

   Cosy Gift Box: Night In Selection



Restful Cosy Gift Box + Duck Egg Blue Herringbone Blanket

The Restful Gift Box is a symphony of relaxation with its duck egg blue theme, inviting you into a world of comfort. Paired with the Duck Egg Blue Herringbone Blanket, the harmonious blend of soothing colours and texture is perfect for unwinding in the luxurious softness of the blanket.

restful cosy gift box The British Blanket Co

Cosy Gift Box: Restful Selection



Each of these pairings is thoughtfully curated to offer a unique and immersive experience, combining the sensory delights of the cosy gifts with the tactile luxury of wool blankets, ensuring that the lucky recipient is wrapped in warmth, comfort, and style.
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