Reviving British Wool: our inspiring journey

Reviving British Wool: our inspiring journey

Reviving British Wool: our inspiring journey

In a world dominated by synthetic fibres and mass production, there's a timeless treasure that has been quietly waiting to be rediscovered – British wool. Once the cornerstone of the nation's prosperity, British wool has seen its popularity wane in recent years. But now, the sibling entrepreneurs behind The British Blanket Company are on a mission to change that narrative. Welcome to the inspiring story of our forthcoming 100% British Wool Collection and join us as we breathe new life into an age-old industry.

100% British Wool Collection by The British Blanket Company founder interview portrait

Unveiling the Vision: A Conversation with Bethan and Joe

In this blog we sit down with, Bethan and Joe John, the co-founders of The British Blanket Company, to hear about their passion for their latest endeavour – a collection that celebrates the beauty and sustainability of British wool.

"Our new collection isn't just about blankets; it's about preserving a heritage," Bethan says. "British wool, once the pride of our nation, has faced a decline in demand. We wanted to change that. We wanted to show people that British wool isn't just a forgotten fibre; it's a testament to our history and a sustainable future."

Joe adds, "Absolutely. By crafting high-quality products that highlight the versatility of British wool, we aim to revive its appreciation and support local sheep farmers who have faced hardships due to this decline."

british wool sheep farming

British wool blankets and throws being made The British Blanket Company
spinning wool yarn 100% british wool blankets and throws The British Blanket Company UK

From Field to Loom: The Making of The British Wool Collection

"Our journey starts at British sheep farms," Bethan explains. "The wool is sourced from certified UK farms, spun into yarn in Yorkshire, woven in Scotland, and sewn into blankets and cushion covers in Wales. Our whole supply chain has been rigorously audited to guarantee of traceability back to UK farms and each piece in our collection carries a unique British Wool certification number. Transparency is key for us."

"Our collection is a blend of heritage and modernity," Joe says. "It's not just a product; it's a story. The throws and cushion covers are meticulously woven using undyed yarns in shades that pay homage to the natural beauty of British wool. Each piece is hand-finished with a traditional blanket stitch edge, adding a touch of timeless elegance."

Embracing Sustainability and Crafting the Future

"British wool is more than just a fibre; it's a statement of sustainability," Bethan reflects. "By choosing British wool, you're making an eco-friendly choice, moving away from synthetic fibres that harm the environment."

Joe passionately adds, "But it's not just about the blankets. It's about people – the local farmers who've faced challenges due to the decline of British wool. By supporting our collection, you're supporting a more sustainable future for them. In addition, our commitment to UK manufacture means your purchase also helps preserve the skills of the talented yarn spinners, fabric weavers and seamstresses involved in crafting the finished blankets and throws."

British wool blanket weaving by The British Blanket Company
british wool blanket weaving at The British Blanket Company woollen mill UK

Join the Movement and Support a Legacy

The heart of The British Blanket Company beats with a commitment to quality and legacy. The British Wool Collection isn't just about products; it's about preserving heritage and nurturing sustainable practices. By placing British wool at the forefront, we invite you to join us showing your support for local artisans and sheep farmers to rekindle the love for British wool.

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